When did you realize you had become a grown up?

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  1. Tonight we had to go buy a new washer and dryer. The washer died and I refuse to have a washer and dryer that don't match (and it was used when we bought it...)

    So I got home tonight to the washer was sounding like a blown up version of my cell phone on vibrate.

    It was the cheapest set at Home Depot...nothing fancy, just functional.

    As we walked up front to pay with my son in hand, I caught a glance from my DH.

    And I realized, I became a grown up. Not the point that I just bought my first new appliance, but that we are finally making sacrifices to better our lives together as husband and wife but as parents, too!

    So I now have to ask, do you remember when you said to yourself, "Wow...now I am a grown up!"
  2. hasn't happened yet:sweatdrop:
  3. after both my parents passed away. I no longer had an alternate safe refuge and emotional support other than my own home/DH if I needed one.
  4. I think for me it will be when I have a baby, but that is still probably a little while away.
  5. When we signed the MOUNTAIN of papers for our first home!
  6. So it didn't happen when you agreed to buy my house??:P
  7. I don't think I am yet. I keep putting off getting a washer and drying and take my laundry to my parents' house to do. Guess that proves it!
  8. I think it was around the same time, I had purchased my first house, and was on business travel alone in Chicago, I got off the plane wearing my little corporate suit dragging my carry on and I thought, well, I guess this is it. I am an adult.
  9. I always said we'd be ready to buy a house if we needed to replace 3 major appliances/whatever in a week...

    So, in 10 days we're movin' in, buyin' a mover, washer and dryer! :drinkup:

    I think reality set in today! I LOVE YOU TWINKIE!!! You are my biggest supporter...thank you for everything!
  10. Oh I hear you! I get the same feeling every time I travel for work; alone and having no one to depend on but myself!

    I think the last couple months have been pretty big for me! :wlae:
  11. Don't you love it though? I miss my doggies but I like to go alone on biz travel, you are in your own little world..
  12. I so agree! I feel so special, like I finally accomplished something!
  13. Haven't yet :smile:
  14. I'm not a grown up yet, but the first time I realized I wasn't a little kid was the first day I moved into my college dorm. I was alone, just me, a bed, and a desk, I didn't know where I was supposed to get food, or how to get anywhere, and I didn't have anyone I could call for help.
  15. What is this grown up you speak of??