When Did You Last Use Your Chanel Bags?

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  1. I saw this thread over LV and I thought this was kind of interesting.. Just when did you last used your Chanel bags and what for? :biggrin:

    1. Medium Classic Caviar Flap in Beige with Silver Hardware
    Last Used : Last Month!
    Why? Dunno... Maybe I always passed on her the time I got my two reissues.. :sad:

    2. Navy Patent Reissue
    Last Used: 3 weeks ago!
    Why? For work..

    3. Light Gold Reissue
    Last Used: 3 weeks ago!
    Why? For work too..
  2. 1. Black calfskin 2.55: today, breakfast at OPH then went to PetSmart &Walmart

    2. Black MM tote: couple weeks ago, went to Mall & ate at oyster bar
  3. Black reissue w gold hw: Last Saturday to boutique for bridesmaids' dress measurements, then shopping and dinner at Bar & Billiards Room at Raffles Hotel, and drinks at Long Bar after...
  4. Saturday - my black small classic lambskin flap.
    Today - My silver luxe bowler.
    Those are the only 2 Chanels I own!
  5. Saturday & Sunday - Medium Classic flap in white caviar
    Yesterday - Jumbo flap with new chain and MM lock in black distressed calfskin
    .......I haven't use my medium lambskin flap for quite some time!
  6. i alternate between the metallic black luxe bowler and baby cabas for work...

    i last carried my white caviar flap with SH when i went out for pinkberry and drinks this past weekend (while i was not at the office that is :sad:)

    i haven't touched my metallic black reissue yet because... i have been working like a dog. sighs. i want to give her the welcome ceremony she deserves!
  7. used my taupe vintage ligne square box today for work this morning then afternoon off for my hair appointment.
  8. 1) Pocket In The City shoulder bag - Saturday when I was buying the bag below.

    2) Dark Bordeaux GST- Never, since just bought on Saturday.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  9. Silver Bowler--- Used today while I drove my girls for lunch, swim class and bk home.

    Medium classic flap --- used last weekend for dinners.

    Quilted Bubble Bowler --- still inside the box...hasn't been use yet. I am still thinking of replacing it for a reissue.

    Jumbo classic flap, Rock and Chain flap, vintage tote...haven't been used for over a month now.
  10. Beige jumbo flap - today!
    Patent reissue with gold h/w - on Saturday shopping!
    Mini flap in lambskin - a few weeks ago for going out for dinner
    Chanel chain wallet - ages ago..
    Lambskin bowler - ages ago too
    Chanel evening bag (quilted lambskin) - yyyyyearsssss ago!
  11. I used my one and only Chanel bag, the black baby cabas, to the Lexus and BMW dealerships today. I looove this bag to death.
  12. I use mine in rotation with my other bags (prada and hermes) all the time. They are the only bags I own. I have put a couple away until winter, but will use them all the time then as well.
  13. Pink Cambon Tote-sunday all day to a friends house
    New MC E/W-never -she's sleeping for the fall
    New MC Flap-just took her home yesterday afternoon
    Denin Cabas-in June
    Coco Cabas Original in Caviar-April
    Rock and Chain large hobo-June (switched in denim for summer)
    Mini white perforated flap-June (night out down the shore)
    Black caviar clutch-April (dinner in city)
    Coco Cabas in Vinyl-April? (Random usage)
    Beige Multi Pocket Reporter large-April (meeting)
    Black Cambon Bowler-um. 2006?
    White Cambon with Python Messenger-June/July Vacation
    Beige Cambon with Black CC Messenger-April-Concert
    Brown Cambon Bucket with Beige CC's-2005?
    Vintage circa 1960's Black Lambskin Flap gold hardware-??? still sitting there untouched

    I have been wearing my new LV patchwork denim bag that looks like a bowler style.I will switch back to Chanel come the fall...
  14. I used my fabric patchwork flap two weeks ago when I was on R&R in USA,
    I was having a chilled out day strolling and shopping.
  15. Yesterday - my MC black tote for my son's district swim meet. It's HUGE and I can fit a TON of stuff in there.