When did you get your fist ultrasound?

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  1. Hi all! I'm 10 weeks pregnant today, yesterday was my second ob visit and they did not want to do an ultrasound again. I had to beg her for one. I just wanted to see him! or her. She said we wouldn't be able to see anything since its so early. She did the ultrasound over my belly and even she was suprised that we could see him! I saw the little head, little body and a heartbeat!
    My SIL got ultrasounds right away like 6 and 8 week pregnancy. I don't know if its because she was considered high risk?
    So when did you get your first ultrasound?
  2. with my first preg8nancy I got an ultrasound at 12 weeks. With my second I was 8 weeks. Doctor wanted to make sure everything was ok since we were going to be travelling.
  3. with all 3 i got an ultra sound at 6-8 weeks to confirm pregnancy. and withthe first 2 i had an ultra sound between 17-20 weeks to find the sex and progress. with number 3 i had an ultrasound almost every week because i was considered high risk.
  4. With my first I had my ultrasound during my 8th week (2nd office visit) and am currently waiting to get my first ultrasound with my second on February 5th. I should be almost 11 weeks by then. I can't wait. I think I had a total of 5 ultrasounds with my first child.
  5. My first one (and it was supposed to be the only one) was done at 20 weeks. At 30 weeks I talked my nurse into ordering another one so I could see the baby but at that stage, it was hard to see much b/c he was so big. You just saw a limb here and a foot there.
  6. I had the first one at 5 wks, just to confirm I's pregnant.
    The second at 7 weeks to make sure everything was ok.

    There was no much to see though since it was too early ;))
  7. My first ultrasound was at 8 weeks for confirmation and dating. I think I had another a 12 weeks during my obstetrician appointment - she had one of those smaller ultrasounds in her office. Then had another at 18 weeks just to see whether everything was ok (morphology-wise etc) then had a 3D/4D scan at 27 weeks - that was really cool as we got to see what he looked like :smile:
  8. I got mine at 10 weeks - it was cool to see the head and all the little limbs already formed.
  9. 24 weeks with my oldest ds: u/s became standard in prenatal care that month.
    5-7 weeks with my youngest ds because I have a history of loss and complications and am high risk (well, I was then ;) ).

    Glad you got the u/s.
  10. Six weeks, to confirm pregnancy. After they discovered I had pre-eclampsia at 25 weeks, I kind of lost count, but it was a lot, and was always reassuring.
  11. I was 5 1/2 weeks. I still remember my stbx and I seeing our son's tiny heartbeat for the first time, it was like a little blinking light :heart:.
  12. I got mine at 5, 6, 7 and 8 weeks I think.... we went to a fertility clinic, although we were so lucky, we didn't have to go through fertility treatment. (We got pregnant after our second appointment.) Then, again at 12, 20 and 30, 31 weeks. I am AMA - advanced maternal age for my first so we definitely saw him a TON!! The 20 week was my favorite... the others he was too small and now he is too big!

    Good luck!
  13. I was 6 or 7 weeks pregnant.

    Because of my history of severe endometriosis, my OB/GYN wanted to check things out to make sure that everything was just fine. I had just found out I was pregnant, and was concerned about a miscarriage. My mom had 5 miscarriages before my brother was born, so naturally, he was concerned about that.
  14. My first was at 10 weeks for dating and HB and the second was at 18 + weeks for anatomy. I will not get anymore unless I become high risk or measure too small for dates or something like that.
  15. I had an internal u/s at 6 weeks because I had so much cramping and they wanted to make sure things were OK. All we saw at that point was the heartbeat - just a little flash of light - what an amazing sight to see!