When did you get your first Chanel, and what other bags did you get after that?

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  1. My first Chanel bag was the medium Business Affinity in black, I got it as a 20th birthday present for myself. I actually tried to sell her a few months ago via a consignment store but she didn't sell, I'm actually quite happy about it because I think I would have regretted it.

    After that, I got the following Chanel bags in this order:
    1. Grey lambskin M/L classic flap SHW - still have it but don't use at all, will probably sell
    2. Black lambskin chevron mini rectangular classic flap SHW - love!
    3. Black caviar quilted mini rectangular flap SHW - sold! used religiously for one summer but couldn't resist selling at such a good price, especially when I love my lambskin mini so much.
    4. Black quilted old medium boy GHW - love but don't use as often as I should
    5. Black reissue 225 flap SHW - my most often used Chanel bag
    6. Black patent mini rectangular classic flap SHW - currently in consignment, hasn't sold yet. loved this one as my rainy day bag but would rather free up the funds for something else. if it doesn't sell, I don't think I'd mind at all... :amuse:
    7. Tri-Color dark burgundy/dark grey/navy lambskin M/L classic flap SHW - preloved, my newest addition!
    8. Burgundy camera case GHW - got at the same time as the tri-color, and I love them both! sent to leather surgeons for spa (which I share about here) and had great results.
    Now I'm really looking to get a colorful Chanel bag added to my collection! Since most of them are black.

    I think there may be other topics like this one but I couldn't find any recent ones to read :yucky:
    Would love to learn about your Chanel journeys, please do share, or share what you would like to get first if you haven't yet gotten your first Chanel! :smile: Would also love to know if you decided to go the pre-loved route or boutique for your first Chanel, some people say it's very important for the experience but I personally didn't go to the boutique until my third purchase.
  2. My chanel route -
    First bag was from a consignment store online - a mauve/pink old medium boy, in calfskin. I forgot about it and left it in the original box for close to 6 months. It ended up growing mouldy and i sold it.

    2nd bag was a blue classic flap with SHW that i bought from my local boutique. I had originally wanted a black classic but ended up going home with the blue. I sold it a few months later as i didnt like it as much as i thought.

    3rd was a mini navy boy with antique gold hw. It’s the only bag in my collection i bought from rue cambon. I also sold it a few months later, but i kept the white box.

    4th was the iridescent green/turquoise vanity case with the oily-colored HW. I remember i was on a holiday then, and went all over hongkong to look for it. I kept it till this day, as its my favorite go-to bag for daily use.

    5th was a jumbo dark grey classic from 18b collection. I sold it a few months later as i felt the jumbo dont really suit my body size and my age.

    6th is a beautiful red coco handle i bought from a local boutique. I absolutely love it, its color and shape and it’s most value for money for its size. I still keep it till today.

    7th is a lambskin black classic flap i bought via fashionphile. I didnt bring it out once and i sold it away within a month. Absolute waste of money.

    8th is a light turquoise/ light blue classic flap with antique gold HW. I love this color combi the most although I have yet to take her out. Somehow i just eyecandy her at home.

    9th is a deep navy classic flap with GHW, bought from a reseller.

    10th is the ivory and gold large deauville from the latest 19A collection. Snagged up the last piece from my local boutique, which was also launched on the same day.

    11th is a beige and black two-toned gabrielle backpack. I love it for its ability to make one look cute yet elegant.

    12th is on the way. I sought help from a consignment store to find a large pink deauville from the 19C collection.

    On hindsight, i felt like i wasted time and money purchasing bags i’d use for a long time, only to end up selling them as I didnt quite like it anymore.
  3. The first most important part of my Chanel route was that I waited until I myself could afford one, it wasn't a gift from my husband or parents or anyone else. I paid in full, no credit. I was 30, had been at a stable job for several years, and the purchase was not going to make a huge dent in my savings. The second most important part was that I only purchase brand new from the boutique or department store like Neiman's or Saks. I don't buy preloved or from resellers. I truly believe that if you have to think of saving up for a while for a dream bag, or saving thousands by going preloved, then you probably aren't financially ready to take the plunge. I mean, it's thousands of dollars for goodness sake! The difference between 3k and 6k should not be instrumental for the purchaser (in my opinion), and I didn't buy my first Chanel until it wasn't. That may also be why I haven't been too turned off by the price increases.
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    My first was a square mini, caviar, March of last year. I actually managed to track an SA down who ordered me a new one, but when I received it I was disappointed at how it looked. Maybe I had sticker shock. But the size of the mini of that particular season was even smaller than what I compared to online (on other YT videos). So I returned it. Coincidentally, found one with the edge stitching on the fb group that very week and just bought it on a whim. I authenticated it, and love it. It still looks new.

    2nd was a so black reissue woc with working turnlock. I use it often and love it. I got it from boutique with 10% off when Saks still had that discount.

    3rd was a reissue preloved 10 years, got tempted by the money "savings" compared to a new one. I couldn't love it, tried for a few months and I ended up selling it for a loss of few hundred dollars.

    4th was a black boy bag in caviar and ruthenium, new from boutique and I love it. Its casual enough to use often but still elevates an outfit.

    I think I really got lucky with my first preloved purchase but now I think I would only buy preloved from fashionphile and with a return policy. To confirm a purchase for thousands of dollars without seeing it in hand seems scary now, especially after my reissue experience. Reissues, especially, since each one is so different.

    I'm tempted to look into a small/ medium flap but I think that may just be the hype! I don't use my square mini enough to justify a bigger "fancy" bag.
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  5. I purchased my first Chanel in Paris when I was 25. It was a Wallet on Chain in black lambskin with GHW. This year (5 years from when I purchased it), I sold it as I realized I prefer SHW.

    Two years later, I purchased my Jumbo in black caviar with SHW on a trip with my husband in Paris.

    Two years after that, my husband surprised me with a 29th birthday trip to London. He took me to the Chanel boutique on New Bond St and we purchased my next two bags as my birthday presents - a black Reissue 226 with RHW and a Wallet on Chain in black caviar with SHW. The Wallet on Chain was meant to be a replacement for my lambskin one with GHW because I knew I would get more use out of caviar with SHW.

    A year later (this year), I decided to try the pre-loved route and have purchased two bags. The first was an Anniversary edition Reissue 227 in gray because I just loved that shade of gray. The second was a Chanel M/L in beige caviar with SHW because I couldn't justify new with my fear of color transfer.

    Every Chanel bag I currently own gets worn regularly. I think that's in part of having a good understanding now of what works for me and what doesn't. In hindsight, I wish I had a better understanding of what works for me and what doesn't ahead of purchasing my first Chanel Wallet on Chain. Had I had that understanding, I probably would have purchased the Wallet on Chain with SHW. Quite unexpectedly though, I didn't lose money when selling my black lambskin Wallet on Chain with GHW.

    Next on my list is either a black M/L in caviar or lambskin with SHW or a Jumbo in beige caviar with SHW.
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  6. I bought my 1st Chanel bag last year when I was 34. If only I knew how often Chanel increases its prices; I really regret not buying them sooner. But somehow, I had always think that Chanel bags are way out of my league and I was pretty satisfied with my collection of Gucci, Prada & LVs. That was until I bought my 1st Chanel bag, and now I don't even reach out for my other branded bags anymore (it's like a spell or something I swear). But here is my route of Chanel:

    1) My 1st bag was a 24 series Silver Reissue in the size 226 that I bought pre-loved from a trusted instagram reseller. I got her for a real steal at around USD 3400 and I was really, really happy with her.

    2) Thus began my obsession. I have always dreamed of owning a Classic Flap and I thought that will definitely be my next bag. However, after trying it on in the store, I realized the straps are too short for me and I much prefer the look of the Boy. However, none of the colors in the store were to my liking (this was around October last year). So when I saw another instagram personal shopper selling the 18A Dark Pink Old Medium Chevron Boy Bag, I just knew I had to get it. I really love this bag a lot as the colors changes depending on the lightning.

    3) My 3rd bag is another reissue. I was eyeing this limited edition gold sequin classic flap in the store and even went to the store twice to look at it (it's single flap and the strap is longer which I like). However, after much deliberation, I decided that if I were to buy the bag, it would give me more stress trying to baby it instead of being to enjoy it due to its delicate material. And this was when the 18K series was just released by the way. So my SA took out the new Reissue bags and OMG, the colors were all so gorgeous! They were all metallic calfskin and the colors were green, red and brown. All 3 were seriously pretty but my heart ultimately sang with the green one. I like the size of the 226, but somehow for this model, it looks cuter in the 225. So that's what I bought - the 18K Green Metallic Reissue in the size 225.

    4) After buying 3 bags in the span of 3 months, I seriously thought I would be on ban island for a while. But my sister just bought a Chanel bag and she kept raving on about how light and easy-to-use it was. Somehow I ended up really liking it a lot too and was searching everywhere for it. But the store in my country only had the Large left. So I was really lucky when my sister was able to spot it in the store in Singapore when she was there on vacation. I told her to buy it for me and I was one happy girl. The bag in question is the Chevron Hampton Bag in the size medium and the color burgundy (my sister's one was dark green).

    So that's the story of my small collection. I definitely hope I can add more to my collection in the future and I am eyeing for a mini next!
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  7. My first Chanel was the medium flap in black lambskin with silver hardware .After that I bought a new Woc reissue .Next came the Mini rectangle in blue chevron in lambskin and mini square in caviar in red .Next was my caviar tote in black with gold hardware .Now I am waiting for my deauville in large in denim .All my bags other than the woc were preloved in excellent condition and good prices .I prefer buying well maintained bags preloved than buying new as it always loses in resale value and I don’t feel bad wasting money on something I regret later .All my Chanel bags I got in my 50s .My mid years I bought hermes and LV .
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  8. It was like 13 years ago, I was living in Spain but I decided to fly to Paris to be able to have more options.
    After saving and saving money, the day came!

    Initially I was looking for a classic m/l double flap in black Lambskin and gold hardware.

    The disappointment came when it was sold out everywhere :shocked: I wanted to cry! All these time saving and dreaming with my perfect bag and I wasn’t going to be able to take it him with me ... which means also I will spend the money in other things so I will miss the chance to buy it again anytime soon.
    Fortunately the SA showed me something else ... a classic jumbo single flap in black caviar and silver hardware!!
    It was totally the opposite of what I was looking for, but OMG how it was amazing! I took it home! And I rock it!

    Nowadays was the best decision ever, I prefer the look of the silver hardware on me, caviar leather is great and durable and the single flap is just perfect!

    I am not using that bag anymore since long as I prefer smaller bags now but I keep it like a little treasure in my closet and the bag after alllll what I enjoyed it, looks like the first day almost!! :heart:
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  9. I love this tread, great initiative! So many warm and inspiring stories
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  10. Thanks for sharing!! I have a question for you-- I've seen pictures of the Chevron Hampton Bag, is it truly light? My mom has been searching for another Chanel bag but she complains of heavy bags, and many Chanel bags are quite heavy... like the double flap jumbo! So I got her a single flap jumbo. How heavy is the large Chevron Hampton?
  11. beige/black classic ballet flat - winter 2012 istanbul nisantasi boutique, my husband's birthday gift for my 28th birthday. very comfortable at the time, however after wearing it for years, i slipped on wet floor while wearing them and broke my right ankle and never wore them since. they are also half a size small for me since i gained weight in the past 3-4 years.

    black lambskin woc with silver hardware - summer 2012 heathrow airport on my way to vegas - definitely best first chanel, imo every chanel collection needs a woc

    black large boy bag with ruthenium hardware (this used to be the largest size boy bag, bigger than old medium, more square, almost like a postman bag) - summer 2014 istanbul istinye park boutique, it was a phone order and my present to myself for giving birth (push present except i had emergency c-section) - 5 years later this bag is too big for me now, at the time i thought "well, i'm spending the money, might as well get the biggest bag". this is my least used bag. if i could, i would sell it and buy a new medium, sadly resale market in my country is pretty bad.

    classic CC pearl brooch - winter 2015 nyc soho boutique, another christmas time purchase, i was there for a work trip, prior to leaving for the trip my father gave me some money to buy myself something and part of that money i spent on the brooch.chanel pearl and gem costume jewelry are pretty easy to mess up imo. the stones and pearls get lost all the time. i'm lucky that mine is in pretty good condition but it is still missing some tiny pins that are stuck to pearls. love the chic factor of the brooch but that are a little high maintenance.

    blue (more like turquoise) lambskin classic large card holder (the one with the back pocket) - 2016 winter berlin boutique, this was an impulse buy, it was late november, early december, i was in berlin for work, it was cold, i was feeling off for some reason and just wanted to buy something. lambskin slgs scratch very easily. the card case is very practical and the color is amazing but i think caviar is a better leather choice for a card case.

    gold quilted flats and red quilted flats - summer 2017 gold one from galeries lafayette paris, red one from rue cambon boutique, love them, very comfortable, wear them frequently.

    black calfskin medium 2.55 (226) with gold hardware - march 2019 london new bond street boutique, my husbands's birthday gift for my 35th birthday, i wanted a lowkey chanel that i can wear both crossbody and on my shoulder, jumbo is too big, medium/large is not a crossbody option (i'm 5'10) so i knew 226 is the best option for me. adore this bag and the history behind it. if anyone thinks classic flaps are a little too flashy (because of the CC lock) or they can't find a size they like, i highly highly recommend checking out 2.55.

    black classic zipped key holder - april 2019 istanbul bagdat avenue boutique, it was a phone order, i wanted to replace my 4 year-old louis vuitton cles and honestly wanted something to go with my 226, super happy with it. larger than lv cles and the zipper opens in an L shape so very easy to get things in and out. i also attach my car key to the key hoop and carry this and my phone with me everywhere.

    beige/black classic slingbacks - april 2019 istanbul bagdat avenue boutique, it was a phone order, i was on a chanel high and kept seeing fashion "influencers" wearing chanel slingbacks so i caved in. they are not super comfortable, the toebox is a little tight for my and the top of my second finger rubs causing blisters. probably should have gone for the flat slighbacks instead of the short heel ones.

    gold metallic croc embossed classic card holder - june 2019 istanbul bagdat avenue boutique, it was a phone order, i recently bought a dior mini lady dior in pink and my chanel zipped key holder is a little big for that bag, so i wanted to buy a classic card case in iridescent pink. of course no store had it, but they had the new collection (pre-fall 2019) ones and i fell in love with this one. very eye catching and unique.

    going forward i would like a beige/cream toned bag, preferably medium sized, maybe another woc in a pop of color, definitely more shoes...
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  12. Circa 2003 - Silver hoop earrings with the CC embossed all over them. I paid $30 from Off 5th (Saks Outlet). Make my ears bleed and get infected. Worn probably 5 times.

    2016 - Brown Sunglasses. Arms are quilted leather. The lenses are amazing.

    2017 - So Black Old Med Boy (thought this would be my one and only bag ). This has a slight iridescent sheen to it, purple and green. I probably won’t ever buy another Boy, but I love the rock in roll vibe of this bag.

    2017 - So Black Zip Around Wallet to match the Boy

    2017 - Rose Gold Chevron Mini (to go with my bright outfits). This is probably my most used bag, since the pink color is just gorgeous and it’s small. Recently found this bag on Fashionphile for over double retail?! Shooting myself for not buying two and reselling one!

    2018 - Charcoal Reissue 225 with aged GHW. I think bag is a stunner, but I feel like I am a minority. I love the reissue and I def want more!

    2019 - So Black Reissue Snap Card Case in Crinkled Calf. Used with Saks points. Had to get something in the black crinkled! Great for hiding cash as my zip wallet is a bit worn and stuffed with cards.

    2019 - Classic Clutch in the bright blue with SHW in lambskin (my only lamb piece). Love this bag, even though it doesn’t fit much. I have found that I can use minis during the daytime, since I need somewhere to put my sunnies. The clutch (it’s like a WOC) is better if my sunnies will be staying on my face or easily can be used at nighttime.

    Wish list:
    I want a black mini SHW or WOC. I want ballet flats and sandals. I would love a lucky charms bag. Black or silver sunglasses. I also can’t stop thinking about the camera pin I saw, but I never wear pins.

    ....and then I’ll be done.
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  13. I fell in love with Chanel in 1999 when I purchased a pair of black Chanel slides. After that I continued to collect Chanel pumps, heeled sandals, and boots. In 2009 I bought my first Chanel blazer and my love for Chanel clothes began. I loved handbags, but always felt the Chanel bags were too old for me. Then when I turned 40 I really wanted a Chanel flap bag, but I couldn’t mentally get over the price tag. Last year when I my startup got acquired I decided to treat myself. I booked a flight to Paris, hopped off the plane and went directly to Rue Cambon to buy my first Chanel bag :biggrin:

    1st bag: m/l classic flap in black caviar with shw. I will treasure this forever.

    2nd bag: black Gabrielle WOC in aged calfskin with mixed hw (ruthenium and aged gold). I found it while shopping in Lisbon. It was perfect because I got tired of walking around with a larger bag while sightseeing. It’s perfect for traveling.

    3rd bag: small coco handle in black caviar with aged gold hw and lizard handle. It’s the perfect size - large enough for all my stuff, yet small enough that it doesn’t get heavy.

    4th bag: small coco handle in red caviar with aged gold hw. I love the coco handle!
  14. Well I only have the Reissue and Boy bag to compare it with, but yes, it is definitely the lightest of all my Chanel bags. It also fits a lot despite its size as it's single flap and the chains are smaller that the CF. However, mine is in the size medium. I would highly recommend your mom to get it in the Large size if you want something that can fit as much as a jumbo. I tried on the Large in the store but I honestly couldn't remember how heavy it was. So sorry I couldn't be of more help!
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