When did you first realize you were a shoe addict? Funny stories?

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  1. I thought this would be a fun thread! I'll go first. Ever since I was a little girl I was in loooove with shoes. My mother always had the best shoes she was so chic! When I was 11 years old she got this gorgeous pair of black suede mules with a REALLY high wedge heel.:drool: Anyway she worked in the city so she left the house before I went off to school in the mornings. After secretly trying on these shoes in her dressing room time and time again I decided it was time for me to wear them to school. So one morning after she had left for work I slipped them on and went to the bus stop teetering the whole way up the street. They were so high I constantly looked like I was walking against a heavy gust of wind. Anyway once I got to school all my girlfriends HAD to take turns trying them on. I was SO the envy! Needless to say I only wore them for about an hour before my feet started killing me and I was sick of looking like I was about to topple forward. So I convinced one of my friends to switch her Tennies with me and she was the uncomfy one allday! Thank god my mom never found out about it and I never had the nerve to tell her.:shame: I did tell my 10 yr old daughter this story the other day and she looked at me like I was crazy! LOL
  2. ^^^That's the cutest story that I've ever heard.

    I don't know when I noticed I was a shoe freak. I guess I have been all my life, even from my earliest memories. I used to sleep with my shoes.
  3. I don't really remember-but its definitely the bulk of my life!
  4. *sigh* I remember my first pair of blue plastic clogs *sigh*
  5. My grandmother and mother tell me that when I was about 3 I started trying on their heels. My grandma had a lot of shoes and I would try on every single pair and not put them back of course. I guess my love for shoes started way back then. In middle school I was the only girl who always wore all sorts of shoes no sneakers. People who I run into still remember me as that girl, LOL!

    I notice my 4 yr old is always trying on my shoes now, I guess she'll be a shoe lover as well :P
  6. Probably wearing my mom's Bruno Maglis and guccis when I was a 2-year old. Mom's got a picture of me wearing them. She also had this absolutely SCARY pair of snakeskin heels with a kind of polo shirt collar thing on the back. I would scream every single time I saw them and I would hit them. Mom felt so bad that she gave them away. And to this day I don't like snakeskin anything.
  7. When I decided it was okay to spend $500+ on a pair of shoes, and started donating plasma so I could buy a pair of boots without diverting money from the wedding and credit card payments funds.

    I remember I used to pick on a friend of mine because she had a zillion pairs of black chunky heeled loafer style shoes. Good thing we don't talk anymore because she'd give me endless grief about my budding obsession.
  8. That is so funny!:roflmfao:
  9. My 2 yr old is the same way! She's defintely taking after me. My 10 yr old is all about flip flops and ballet flats, she's sooo not impressed with my shoes. I'm like, where did you come from???:shrugs:
  10. I go through certain phases. Before I was a purse addict, then clothing, then I moved on to shoes.

    I believe now I am addicted to all three and they won't go away.:yes:
  11. I got a pair of like, 2 incher heels in maybe the fourth grade, and ever since them i've been hooked. My daddy always called me "Imelda", as in, Imelda Marcos... :smile:
  12. I can't pinpoint the exact moment but I have been into shoes for years. However, it wasn't until last year that I made the leap into high end shoes. Man, was that a mistake! I am now totally spoiled and I don't even bother to look at cheaper shoes most of the time because they just don't live up to the high end ones.

    That said, before I started buying high end shoes, my shoe collection was already at well over 60-70 pairs.
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    I used to walk around in my mothers shoes and even put on make-up when I was a toddler...

    My first pairs of heels were a pair of Nine West leather (3 in. heel boots) and some platform/wedge sandals (4 in.). I got them in 5th grade (~9 y/o?) and I wore them every single day!!! People at school never understood how I could run up and down the school stairs in heels!!


    I still don't understand how my mother would buy a pair of Nine West 3in. boots for a 9-year-old!!! :confused1: When I have a daughter...she's not wearing heels until she's in high school!
  14. I knew I was addicted the day at DisneyWorld when I was 7, and some boy made a big mark on my brand new purple suede, grape-scented tennis shoes, and I almost got in a fist fight with him over that.
  15. My parents say that from the time I could talk, I couldn't remember the "tall lady with brown hair" but I knew exactly who they were talking about if they said "the woman with the red shoes".

    The rest is history.