When did you fertility return?

  1. Moms, especially BF moms... how long before your "monthly visitor" returned?

    Mine just came back today... grrrr!

    DD is 21 months. We still bf but I am trying to gently wean her.

    I hadn't realized just how much I DIDN"T miss the visitor for 2 1/2 years!

    Oh well, guess this means that I can get to work on #2!
  2. you could still actually get pregnant even before Aunt Flo came back:yes:
    Mine was always around 5 months.
  3. Yeah, I knew about that.... just wasn't trying to... and still aren't... yet... I hope!

    I'm just not happy about hassle of it all, and i think you know what I mean.....
  4. I LOATHE it!!!!
  5. You're lucky! Mine came back around 6 months with both girls even though I was still bf'ing.
  6. after 6 months and I was BF until 12 months. argh....
  7. Mine was even earlier than 6 months and I was breast feeding, it wasn't very "normal" though so when I got pregnant again and baby number 1 was only 11 months it was a shocker!
  8. Mine isn't back yet, thank goodness!! :smile: We're BFing, so I'm not expecting it to come back for a little bit. HOpe my fertility (I mean ovulation) isn't back though...I hope... - that wouldn't be good!!! lol, it needs to wait for maybe...IDK, a year or two?
  9. hm, that would be nice - but usually ovulation kicks in quite soon. i have a friend who got surprised when her first child was only 11 months, like rileygirl. only she was truly unhappy throughout the pregnancy. go figure...

    the doc advised me to be careful when I was in hospital. and when I had my checkup after 6 weeks or so my gyno told me that I was already preparing to ovulate again. so don't rely on BFing to protect you, it doesnt. i am really wondering what to do about protection now, should start a thread to ask about this.
  10. haha, would be nice though, wouldn't it??

    I've been debating about what I want to do not. Continue on the pill?? Get an IUD? I dunno! I really wouldn't mind if ovulation & my period kept at bay for....a long while, lol
  11. Yeah, be careful. My aunt was BFing and had what we like to call "Irish twins" (we're catholic, irish and italian so it's pretty common in our huge family). She was pg less than 3 months after. My brothers were born almost exactly 2 years apart, yet my aunt has two children in between them!!
  12. Dr. gave me low dose BC pills after I had baby #1. I decided not to go on them since I was BFing even though she said they were perfectly safe she did say that some of the hormones would be in my breast milk. I am older and I wanted anoher baby anyway so I was going to leave it up to chance. Still, to find out you're pregenant again while you're still planning your first child's first baby is well, quite a shocker! LOL
  13. 8 months, while bf.
  14. yep it would be great to hold it off a little while longer - although, i don't want to wait too long either. I think I will get an IUD bec pill is no good for me. don't know why - just have so many problems, and I felt great without it so why force myself.
  15. wow, thanks for all they replies from everyone. Ok, I need shut up. It sounds to me like everyone else got their monthy visitor much sooner than I did. I just hate getting it... as I imagine most of us do so I was so unhappy to see it return, especially since I got an IUD after DD was born b/c we knew we didn't want Irish twins and I got PG on the pill the first time!

    did anyone elese here get PG while on the pill?