When did you fall in love with LV?

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  1. I remember being in elementary school watching the Cosby spinoff A Different World. I was captivated by Whitley Gilbert, she carried LV and Chanel, I knew I had to have those bags. It wasn't until a trip to NYC in 8th grade that I discovered how $$ they were, but I still managed to get one years later. I love my LV!
  2. I was 7. My uncle bought me into LV with him to purchase a wallet, and I somehow got intrigued and fell in love with LV. It wasn't until 10 years later that I finally got a LV bag though!
  3. When I saw a pic of my grandma with her French Co. Speedy. I was in the picture, too, but I was too young to remember taking it. My mom and aunt say I probably loved LV in the womb lol.
  4. When I was in college. A girl that I went to school with came home from Christmas break with a speedy and a matching wallet (no idea what style, both mono though) and I knew without a doubt I needed one too! On spring break I went home and went downtown to the neiman marcus (there used to be one in downtown seattle oh so long ago...LOL) and bought myself a speedy and matching wallet. I was SO thrilled to have it and carried it for years and years!
  5. Probably my sophmore year of college. I went NUTS :nuts: about LV! Then I kind of forgot about it for a while, then got :nuts:about it again!
  6. I was in the sixth grade. I saw Hillary Duff with the Mono Accessories Pochette somewhere, and knew that I had to have that bag! I went in on the weekend to the boutique with my mom to ask how much the bag was. A month later after I had saved up my allowance, I bought it! All of my allowance after that went to purchasing SLGs (like my eyeglass case and my business cards holder--I used it as a wallet!)
  7. I was 18, but I remember when I was young and saw my relatives with it I thought to myself "Why does everyone like that? It's soooo ugly and such an old lady style!" But hey look at me now :roflmfao:
  8. I was 19! I fell in love with the Vernis collection and my DH (bf back then went driving through town to 2 different LV stores to get the last piece of vernis rouge ludlow avail in my country! This color is discontinued ever since!~)
    Now Im in love with the Multicolore!
  9. Grade 12, my classmate carried an MC speedy to class and i've been wanting one ever since :smile:
  10. I'm going to date myself. Ha ha! I was in a private high school back in the 70s and we wore plaid uniform skirts with Shetland sweaters in all different shades. The girls wore almost exclusively LV. I fell in love with it then and never looked back.
  11. When i saw the LV Card Case.
  12. When I found this forum.:lol:
  13. At 18. I am now 33.
    I was working a summer job at the local fishmarket when a group of italian tourists came along, one very elegant lady carrying an ellipse shopper.
    I've never looked back!
  14. My first LV was a hand me down from my dad when I was a freshmen in high school over 20 years ago, then my mom gave me my first my soph year followed by other SLG's. My first memories were when LV used to produce Limited Numbered Edition with Sak's Fifth Avenue in the 80's my mother has one that I'm dying to get my hands on but what started my addiction I once had a customer who pulled out her monogram business card case to give me her card and I thought it was so chic
  15. I've loved LV's since my early 20's.