when did you buy your first chanel?

  1. while i still cant justify spending 1k on marc jacobs though i love that brand to death, chanel to me is totally different. my excuse for not buying one yet is that im too young, its stupid to buy a bag like that during college fees and suchly, that that must be the main priority, even with my budgeting allowing such a purchase. but when did you buy your first? which one was your first?
  2. I bought my first at 23. However let's remember I'm out of school and have a job.
  3. 31 yrs old, it was originally the Grand Shopping Tote but I returned that for my Luxe Flap.
  4. My first one of all was my pink Ligne tote which was bought by my mom for Valentine's Day a couple years ago. The first one I bought myself was the yellow Valentine hobo from this year.
  5. I am 24 years old & just bought my first Chanel exactly 2 weeks ago today. I bought a medium Cambon tote (black/white). I bought the matching wallet a week later.
  6. Im 36. Just got my first Chanel yesterday!! Yay!!!!!
  7. got my first chanel last year actually. it was the 2005 grey reissue 2.55.
  8. Not a bag (I still don't have a single bag yet!) but a jacket last year S/S05 so I was 28.
  9. My first Chanel bag was purchased last July, black med Cambon tote.
    I am hoping to buy my second this weekend when I am in Vegas. I can't wait!
  10. my first bag when i was 13, my first sunnies when i was 11
  11. I was 17 for my first one, a small pink-coral colored classic flap. And 18 for my second one, a classic black caviar tote with gold hardware.
  12. 22 for my first one..it was a black on white cc cambon pochette and a pink cc holder.
  13. Last week at the age of 22! I bought a medallion tote with gold hardware and this was after I graduated.
  14. Hmm.. my first Chanel when I was...turning 21. It was the cambon tote. Ever since, I would buy one every couple months. Because the SA are always so nice to call me up when new things arrive you cant resist more more more :P
  15. Still don't have one yet (age 28), but hoping too get a Chanel flap in the next 6 months or so! I think it's all about budgeting - I bought my first LV when I was in university, and I loved it!

    I wouldn't go into debt to buy a bag, but if you're able to scrimp somewhere else (buy used books, bring your own lunch, buy cheaper liquor!), the dollars add up!
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