when did you become a bag addict

  1. when did every on develope their syndrome of:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: bag obsession my symptons began about 6 yrs ago
  2. My obsession started about 4 and a half yrs. ago, at the age of 41?!:shrugs: I've always loved handbags but, it never really was that important to me, until I bought my first LV!:drool:
  3. Probably at birth!
  4. About three years ago and a little over 30. I started having more to spend, it has calmed down a little last year since I was more into babystuff then and is back worse then ever since a couple months ago.
  5. After I joined tPF!:nuts:
  6. oh man i cant think when it started..my sister and mom were addicts before me.. so i guess it just runs in the family!
  7. i have always been into bags since 2000... although my addiction with the higher end bags did not really start since Jan. 2006.... since then, yeah, i am still wanting more and more bags.. hehe..
  8. I was born a PURSE WHORE!!!!LOL
    Actually its all TPF's fault, I couldnt help my addiction after meeting these wonderful ladies.:love: :flowers:
  9. bag obession started in grade 4 :yes: designer bags about 4 yrs ago.
  10. I am a newbie bag addict. It began about 1 year ago for me. Before that I bought a LV Speedy, but that was the only nice bag I had. After a few months my price tolerance went up, and it just *keeps* going up!
  11. I've liked bags since I was 13. I remember spending hours in the bag section at Zellers but I've been buying designer bags for 8 years....since I was 17.
  12. I just started buying designer purses a year ago. Once I bought my first one, I was hooked.
  13. When I wanted to own the kate spade satin amanda with rhinestone handles.
  14. Same here!! :rolleyes:
  15. I have always loved designer handbags. Since joining PF, my addiction has worsened!