When did we get crazy?

  1. I've ussualy post in the vuitton forum but i've been reading alot here to because i love the classic flap. The bags are exspensive but ok they are great quality. Some items are crazy. They are selling earring with plastic stoppers that ar not even silver. Somehow i feel a bit offended by Chanel that they are selling these for over 200 dollars. They could have eassaly made them silver with silver stoppers (Those with swarovski cost me 20 bucks)

    How do you feel about this?
  2. I do agree that their costume jewelry is a little overpriced considering the materials they are made with, but us Chanel girls will want what we want!! I do love the new Louis Vuitton jewelry out right now- made of high quality materials too!
  3. I also think that their costume jewellery is waaaay overpriced. If you look at some of the vintage stuff it seems much better made. I just have the pearls and that's it, I can't justify spending $1000+ on some of their glass stone necklaces even though they are really pretty!
  4. I refuse to buy the costume jewelry. i just like the bags and shoes.

    lets not forget that Chanel is very high end, so the people who buy most of this stuff probably thinks its like you and me paying $100 for shoes
  5. I really don't buy costume jewelry:nogood:
  6. It's not only Chanel though!All high end brands' costume jewellery is overpriced :tdown:!
    I agree with you too! I'd rather get one but real even at a higher price than wear feaux!:yes:
  7. The Chanel costume jewelry is basically wear and toss. Recently I liked a resin cuff but the SA told me that if I dropped it it would shatter.

    No thank you! I have better ways of spending $800+
  8. I love their bags and shoes too and some of the costume jewelry. I won't spend too much on certain items. I like the vintage costume jewelry the best.
  9. i can't quite justify the prices for chanel's costume jewelry. some of the necklaces are really lovely but the prices freak me out.
  10. chanel's jewelry is really ridiculous. that pearly necklace with cc's is gorgeous but it retails for 1395 and wholesale is $614. :rolleyes:
  11. ^^ Yup, it's ridiculous, but I have some Chanel costume necklaces of varying length. They're my only really "out there" long necklaces. So they have an important place in my wardrobe.

    My real jewellery is expensive, but doesn't make a statement unless you're very close up. Which is fine. I like both... subtle and not subtle...
  12. What I mean by "out there" long necklaces, is that if I were to buy real pearls, they would be the price of... a car maybe? I'd rather buy costume for those purposes.

    My earrings (even the really long drops), Cartier bracelets, Tiffany rings and my diamond necklaces are real, but they can't dress up an outfit for an evening out. Sometimes costume just works and makes a statement. Especially if it's Chanel.
  13. I think of jewelry the way I do anything else. I don't care for immitations or knock-offs so I want real jewelry not costume jewelry, even if its made by CHANEL. I would never own any CHANEL costume jewelry.
  14. The prices are ridiculous. I like the pearls but that is all I would buy and even I know that is ridiculous. I'm not offended b/c I know it's a luxury brand. If they made them "reasonably priced" they wouldn't be such.
  15. I agree, a lot of the accessories, including costume jewelry is WAY overpriced - BUT, remember, you are paying for the brand - not just the item. Besides, how can Chanel sell costume jewelry at price points equal to say Swarovski if everything else Chanel sells is at price points that rival those of other couture houses?