When did this wacky Spy come out?

  1. It looks so much like the "inspired" ones on iOffer... :sick: I highly doubt whether this is a good seller. Or maybe I just don't appreciate it?

    $1,900 at Raffello:

  2. I am wrinkling my nose. I would offer them $1900 to not produce it.
  3. That is so :sick: :sick: :sick: I totally agree with you...it looks just like an iOffer fake. Fendi has totally goofed on this one :wacko: :wacko:

    I will never wear that bag in a million years...unless someone pay me a million bucks to do it! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. :lol: :lol:
    Second that!
  5. OMG! I saw it on ebay a while ago from personalshopper. I personally think it is UGLY.
  6. :amazed: BLAH...I don't like it one bit!
  7. My goodness. This bag is tragic.
  8. :sick: :sick: :sick:
  9. I can't decide whether to laugh or cry :weird: :amazed:

  10. Me too so I'll just do this :lol: :sick: :lol: :sick: :lol: :sick:
  11. Do they seriously believe somone will carry that...thing... around?
  12. Okay ladies, time to own up. Which one of you ate skittles and barfed all over this bag?
  13. i kinda like it...i dunno....
  14. Wow! That can't be real, can it?!
  15. Surely its not that bad!! I wouldnt buy it but its kinda cute!