When did this LV come out?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I saw this LV on someone's myspace page. I've never seen it before. Does anybody know the name of it?

  2. The name of that is fake. LV never made it.
  3. Yes, it's called A BIG FAT FAKE!
  4. Hmm nope didnt happen, sad fake !:cursing:

  5. Oh wow, it's fake?? :confused1: It's so cute! Dangit!:sad:

    Oh well, thanks for telling me.;)
  6. "A Special Order" some may say:rolleyes:
  7. ^^ Lol. A very special order :lol:
  8. From the guy behind the dark alley by Canal Street. :roflmfao:
  9. ha ha ha ha I think these responses have officially cemented tPF as my numero uno website in the whole wide world!!! hahah thanks guys! ;)
  10. lol @ all the comments. :p
  11. Ick...a Multicolor Crochet? :yucky:
  12. his name is Barry :yes:
  13. OMG, I was thinking almost the same thing!
  14. Lol. I wonder if he can make me a black MC one? :lol:
  15. He made me a Murakami Multy color Pappillion and a Jessica Simpson Multy Color Speedy with holes in it. :roflmfao: