When did this Coach come out?

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  1. does anyone know when this style (FS 9658) coach bag was in stores? or what colors it came in?
  2. Do you mean this one?


    You could call Coach and ask... it's not very distinctive.
  3. If memory serves, this came out some time in early 2005. A friend has a similar leather hobo, and she had to hunt hers down in March 2005, the ones that came out after didn't have that strap. I'll do some hunting, see if I can find out more for you.
  4. Found it -- It was on the Coach website in Feb 2005, for $168. It came in blush, camel, and lilac (see attached pictures).
    Hoo, that lilac is pretty, too.
    9658_B4B5_d2.jpg 9658_B4CA_d2.jpg 9658_B4LL_d2.jpg
  5. oooh, I love it! it's such a pretty bag.
  6. I love it too-especially the purple one! Good luck finding it, luckystr7!
  7. Awe, Coach always does such cute colors.
  8. I love the pink & lilac colors, is it suede? I was looking though the coach archives website someone posted earlier..& it was late march 05..they had some gorgeous spring colors, orange, greens, blues. Ahh..if I was so into purses like I am now I would have gotten some.
  9. thanks yall. i just got one in pink suede. i'm so excitied!
  10. Congrats..Please post pics when you get the bag, we all would love to see it! Did you order it from Coachs 1-800 #?
  11. Congrats