when did they start making coloured tissues?!? and WHY?!

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  1. Just opened a new box of Kleenex . . . peach coloured Kleenex! :huh: Is this some kind of new thing, or have I always just lucked into the standard-issue white ones in the past? I didn't even know Kleenex came in other colours . . . :shrugs:

    I must say I'm rather disconcerted . . . they kind of clash with my decor scheme :rolleyes:
  2. I didn't know there are colored kleenex. Not a fan of the idea, I like my tissues white.
  3. i know right? it's really weird. even seeing them in the garbage is disconcerting me :P and they're REALLY peach too, not just like a slight peachy tint! (*(oo)*)
  4. Yuck, what is this the 80's, back then everything was salmon and peach...Was it a themed box or something? I can only thing that it must be some silly idea of a theme (like Halloween) that resulted to peach tissues...
  5. hehe! don't they seem unclean?
    I like the wrapping colored though! I found some leopard ones and they rock!
  6. I pulled a blue tissue out of a box the other day..... freaked me out :shocked:
  7. where i live many brands have been producing colored tissues But i still prefer white ones :lol:
  8. When I was younger tissues came in many colors. Pastel blue, pink, peach, and I think a beige. I completely forgot about this until I saw this thread because all I have ever seen as an adult has been white.

  9. Oh yes, I remember too! I also remember blue toilet paper!!
  10. ^The toilet paper was weirder than the tissue! I remember most companies discontinued it because of concerns with the dye.
  11. It was a fad some years ago, although I didn't realize they still made colored tissues. I will have to be sure to check the boxes next time I shop!
  12. Do you remember in the 80's the tall kitchen trash bags that came in colors and were scented? Horrible.
  13. ^^I hate scented trash bags. So instead of smelling like trash, it smells like rose scented trash. Doesn't help.

    And yeah, back in the 80's they had colored tissues. I'm pretty sure I remember Puffs being blue.
  14. ^The smell was overwhelming when you opened box!
  15. in england you can get all kinds of colours :lol: i remember my whole class being in stitches in school when we were reading out of the english book and realised you could buy pink toilet paper :roflmfao: