When did they start getting coach at TJ Maxx?

  1. Went there today & they had some wristlets & some other style (straw) I'm not familiar with. Nothing that appealed to me, but I'm sure some would like it. Also saw D & B there. Our TJ Maxx (ohio) usually pales in comparison to what I've heard other stores carry.
  2. I know I have seen them in mine for a couple of years atleast.
  3. I have seen both Coach and D&B there too. Its kind of hit or miss and the prices are higher than the outlets, but if its a hard to find style it could be worth it.
  4. several years, I can't remember when I didn't see coach at TJX, Marshalls, Stein Mart, etc
  5. They've had coach for several years now. But lately it seems like they have had more than usual.
  6. i've noticed a HUGE increase in the ammount of coach things at my tj maxx...i dunno why
  7. ^^^^ I wish my TJMaxx would get a huge increase. They're pretty skimpy on the Coach.....
  8. Last summer I went to a TJ Maxx to look for a cheap (but cute :biggrin:) no-name wallet for traveling. They had a wallet bin and as I was looking underneath everything was the most beat up coach wallet I have ever seen. It looked like someone had run over it with a car and then poured a cup of dirt on it! I looked at the price tag and it was just a little lower than retail. I still can not believe it was just thrown in with the rest of the wallets. And my guess is they treat the bags similarily as well. :sad: