When did they make change to Zip Clutch?

  1. So I just received my new ZC in Teal today from Nordstroms - I opened it up to look & inside and thought that maybe the zipper was stuck. I looked again & realized that the zipper is about an inch shorter than it used to be!

    I have an older ZC in Geranium (which I believe was from S/S 2004?) and the zipper is definitely about an inch longer. The difference is how wide the clutch opens - with the longer zipper, the clutch opens wider making it easier to get in & out of. The shorter zipper causes it to have a smaller opening (width-wise)

    has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know when MJ changed the length of the zipper on the ZC??
  2. Good question, I'd like to know too.

    From what I can tell from the random pictures I could find with the search disabled, it looks like sometime in 2005.

    Anyone else?
  3. i only have the new zc...but i'm curious to know the answer too....anyone know?
  4. i've noticed that too from the older zc's (fall 05), the zipper is way longer than the new one.
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  6. I would check, but all my ZCs(except Emerald 06) are all packed away from the move. When I can finally dig them out I check it out.

    Did you notice the difference between a soft calf and a quilted ZC? or two soft calf or two quilted?
  7. that's actually a good point that I didn't think of. My older ZC is a soft calf style, my new one is quilted leather. I should have looked when I checked out the linings of the new ZCs in the stores yesterday (I was more concerned w/which ones were lined with suede & which were lined w/canvas!). I wonder if the soft calf styles have longer zippers, which the quilted versions are shorter.

    We need more input from ZC owners!
  8. Ok.. so I was doing some cleaning in my closet, and I pulled out some of the ZCs. I noticed that the Maroon ZC had a longer zipper than the Bordeaux and Lobster quilted Ursula ZCs. I ended up putting those away and later pulling out my Washed Rose and Canary quilted ZC, and those had the same zipper length...

    So the only thing I could conclude is that the zipper length shortened between the Resort 05 Canary quilted ZC and the Spring 06 Lobster quilted ZC. My Maroon and Washed Rose ZCs(same season) were shorter than the Bordeaux ZC, so it may have happened around the same time. My Emerald was downstairs so I didn't get a chance to compare it to the other soft calfs.

    Wow, you're observant. I never noticed the difference in length, but granted, it's barely a 1/2 inch longer. I wonder why they shortened it, maybe so it wasn't hanging out so far?
  9. The reason that I noticed it is becuz when I opened the zipper and stretched the wallet, it didn't seem to open as wide as my other one. At first I thought that it was just becuz my older wallet is just that - older and used more often - that's when I pulled it out and compared them. It's not that noticeable looking at it, but when you stretch the clutch to open it, that's where the difference is apparent.
  10. Oops.. I meant to say longer, not shorter.

    Now that you mention it, you're right... I think I thought the same thing when I switched from my Emerald to the Maroon. I must have thought the Maroon was older/more broken in than the Emerald and that's why it felt so "loose."