When did the Wapity Strap change ?

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  1. I noticed that the "wapity strap" on my Partition does not have that extra piece of hardware on it, shaped almost like a screwdriver head on the strap. However, it is present on the strap for my Wapity. I have noticed it is usually missing on the mono Wapities belonging to some tPFers' (mine is white MC). Can someone tell me when the strap design was changed and why? Thanks
  2. Could you post pics?
  3. The mono wapity and the MC wapity have slightly different straps- the MC having the extra hardeware as part of the $60 premium over the mono.

  4. ^I never noticed the difference until you posted those pics!
  5. Likewise
  6. lol! I love the comment on why they charge $60 more
  7. ^LOL. I never knew there was a difference too!
  8. Never noticed :biggrin:
  9. Wow I learn something every day on this forum. :yes:
  10. yup true...cuz mc is a bit pricier than the mono :smile:
  11. How funny is that, I dont think i've ever noticed the difference:shrugs:
  12. maybe it's one way to tell real deal from a fake- maybe LV is trying to stump the fake makers! ...just kidding, i don't know? I actually prefer the monoram w/out the extra hardware.
  13. wow you have a good eye...maybe just because the mc pochette's have the studs and mono doesn't they thought they should add that lil stud onto the wapity too?!?!?

    but I dunno...:shrugs:
  14. lol... i didn't even notice there was difference. Yeah, have to come here everyday to learn something new about LV.:P
  15. I've never noticed that!