When did the quarzo color come out?

  1. Hi ladies, anyone knows when did this color come out? Is it before or after the magnolia?
  2. i`m not quite sure but i think it came out earlier than magnolia. i think magnolia was launched this summer while quarzo had been there last winter, but please correct me if i`m wrong

    they used to have a color called magenta previously though!
  3. I believe quarzo was brought out as part of resort 2007. I'm not entirely sure when magnolia was released.
  4. Resort 2006 is the first catalog I see Quarzo featured, so late 2006.
  5. :yes:

    And I'm really glad it got carried over to Spring/Summer 07 to add to the palette of pretty pinks!
  6. Magnolia was first introduced this past spring/summer 2007