when did the pastilles bracelet come out?

  1. any one know how long ago the bracelet/bag charm was released?
  2. Back in November I think? :shrugs: I remember getting my Monogram pastilles in December...while the Multicolor one came out about month or more before.
  3. a while back, like in late october or something.
  4. Actually, I was quite off! Looking back at some of my posting history...it appears that I got the MC pastilles bracelet/charm a few weeks before October. So I think it came out in Sept? :shrugs:
  5. Yeah it was about mid-September. I remember because I was waiting for the keyring which wasn't going to be out until November. Of course, now I have the bracelet/extender and love that one lol.
  6. ok, but 'late fall' is acurate? thanks!
  7. September :smile:
  8. I'd go more with early fall.
  9. :yes: