When did the Legacy Shoulder Bag 10328 come out?

  1. I called my local Coach outlet to ask about the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Whiskey and they said they haven't gotten to the outlets yet. It takes 6 months from the release at the store to get them into the outlets. I remember Willowsmom saying she bought her's at the outlet. I was wondering when it came out and if I got a SA that didn't know what she was talking about or that was right? Can someone clarify this? :shrugs:
  2. the outlet stuff is hit and miss. it may just be that the one willowsmom got was a return or something.
  3. Yeh...I was hoping that wasn't the case. Just wondered when the Legacy Shoulder handbag came out and if I have to wait much longer to get it at the outlet or should it already be there?
  4. Will it even go to the outlets if it's basically sold out everywhere and not available on the site?
  5. if i remember correctly thr legacy stuff came out in September. so if it's six months till outlet, then probably by March?
  6. It's back on the website. It's sold out in the stores? I was going to go look at them tomorrow. I'll call first!
  7. Just called, they have it and they're setting it aside for me to come look at it tomorrow. HEHE...not sure if I will buy it but I wanted to try it out first. Can't buy it online sight unseen, ya know?
  8. It's still a current product, Willowsmom's outlet store probably got it because it was sent from a store as-is for some reason.
  9. You know I think she said that. It was the floor model or something and it had a few scratches and a stain on the inside. Totally forgot! Any info on Coach.com shipping?
  10. Coach Shipping from .com is standard 8.50 unless you want it faster.

    I can't wait to see how you feel about the bag once you see it in person.
  11. I paid the $16 and got express delivery. Do you know if they are quick with shipping them out from the warehouse? I'm like a kid in a candy shop and plus I am a Gemini, so both like things immediately! HEHE! Too bad they didn't have it at the Coach store. Oh well...
  12. Woah I just ordered 3 charms today from the Coach website and they'll be here tomorrow and i paid the standard shipping! WOAH! Maybe I will get the Legacy Whiskey quick too!