When did the Duomo come out?

  1. All this talk about SAs reminded me of something that happened a couple of weeks ago when I was in the LV store. The SA was showing me the Duomo :love:, and at least twice while we were talking she said, "it's a new style." I haven't been around LV long enough to know, but I have noticed that eLux tends to list the newest items first...and that Duomo is on the last page. Does anyone know how long the Duomo has been out? How new the stye is has zero impact on how much I like it, I'm just wondering if she was blowing smoke.
  2. It IS a new style.
    Shoot...I can't remember when it came out though.
    I think it was close to the time the Saleya came out.
    Sorry I can't be of more help.
  3. Duomo came out late last year..the newer style has D ring outide the bag near the zipper..
  4. Interesting - thanks!
  5. yup, it came out 2005.
  6. I guess when the SA said "new style," I thought she meant it just came out last month or something. Thanks for the info!
  7. FOR REFERENCE... it's so gorgeous!
  8. Gosh, that's a nice bag:love:
  9. It's gorgeous! I've been seeing it in some of my catalogues and I very recently fell in love with it. :tender:
  10. yep...i think it was november or early december 05...

    I got mine for christmas and then they were flying off the shelves after that!
  11. :love: adds duomo to the ever expanding list...maybe it will be my purchase after the damier azur noe
  12. Ooooohhh...nice Santa! You must have been extra 'specially good last year :yes:
  13. i guess you could say that! i'd been a very nice supportive sister-in-law for many years...and when i say supportive i mean that in every sense...financially, emotionally, etc. so when she asked me what I want and I told her, we went together and got it.