When did the BH come out?? Hmm..

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  1. I was just wondering.....

    Anyone know when the BH first came out? I rarely see anyone out with one. Odd, cuz I know here on the boards their very much loved!:love:

    Yesterday on my way to buy my BH, I saw a woman walking in front of me (was walking thru the mall to the LV store) with a BV. Other than that I have never seen anyone out with a BH.

    Usually see people with of course Speedies (which I love also!!), last wk. someone with the multipli-cite, see lots of cabas pianos, saw a woman yesterday with a pop haut, and I've seen a few with the handheld popincourt.

  2. Last year (2005), I believe. I think it'll be the next speedy!
  3. i think it was around October of 2005
  4. I don't know exactly when, but I know it's pretty recent.
    I've seen 3-4 of them IRL on others.
  5. Ah, maybe that's why I haven't seen one on someone yet. I see a lot of popincourt and almas.
  6. It was Fall of last year.
    I remember because I bought the Popincourt in May and then when the BH came out, I was really annoyed becaue I liked it better.

    So I bought that one too LOL.
  7. I believe it came out july 2005 cause I had bought my BV the day it came out. I instantly fell in love with it! But your absoloutely right...I do rarely see them around.
  8. LOL!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin: I love the popincourt as well!! Very cute...I'm sure I'll end up with it sooner or later.:graucho:
  9. Hmm...Cool:cool: . Today was my 2nd day out with it....I must admit felt pretty good! :P :lol:
  10. I just got the vertical one 2 days ago! I LOVE it!!! :tup:
  11. I have seen so many women carrying the BH. I have one myself and I love it. I also think the BH will be the next speedy.
  12. Wooow this is an old thread! :blink:
  13. ^i didn't notice it's old...
  14. Im very proud using my BH!!! my 2nd LV
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