When did superfakes start coming out?

  1. I know the fakes have been around for a while, but when did the fakers start making those "superfakes" (is that the right term?)? Is this a recent thing?
  2. um- what do you mean by superfakes?
  3. Well, I guess fakes come in different levels of quality. I think that by "superfake" she means the top tier of the fakes, but as far as what i've seen I can still tell. For example, nobody gets the font right and the colors of the canvas are always off.
  4. They actually have fakes that the "leather" turns to that honey color like the real vachetta does on LV's.. its crazy
  5. A little bird (lady at my work) :lol: tells me of such a kind of fake that is indistinguishable, where they have the real canvas as LV and buy the real bags and take them apart to see how they are made. But yeah, I asked her to see a website or pictures and she couldn't give me anything. She did bring in a damier musette salsa and said it was fake, which I couldn't tell. But i'm not as savvy with damier as other tPF members, i'm sure there was something wrong with that one too!
  6. wierd.
  7. I think it's a contemporary thing (I dunno how recent); vintage fakes are really bad and ugly. Fakes are becoming better and better, but they're not perfect as with what everybody is saying. After seeing a mirror-image fake, I'm not too alarmed, anymore...
  8. Superfakes . . . I know what you mean. I think it probably too has to do with technological advancement, digital files, etc etc. The fake-makers were able to pay for the production of the fakes with high money because there's much to be made.

    I have never seen a fake close-up - I imagine they usually come with fake receipts that are icky too.

    I've seen many many "inspired by LV" bags.

    Are the fakes the ones where the LV is sometimes upsidedown on one side of the speedy?
  9. That's disgusting, the money from the fakes goes to the terrosist organization
  10. Actually, speedies are supposed to have the LV's upside down on one side, just fyi - since it's one piece of canvas, one side is right side up and the other is upside down.

    However, I believe some of the older French Co. speedies are two pieces of canvas (there's a seam on the bottom). Those would have LV's upright on both sides.

    HTH! :flowers:
  11. What do you mean by mirror-image fake
  12. I was about to say this too. :P
  13. LV love - A mirror-image fake looks so good compared to the real thing, but there's only a couple things wrong with it (such as the font, datecode, etc...). At first glance, they'll look authentic...but when you look at other crucial details, there are some dead-giveaway signs. Hence, it's always important to look at the heatstamp AND date code...
  14. Ohhh gotcha. Yeah, i'm familiar with those bags (90% on eBay) just didn't know the terminology. Who coined it as "mirror image". Those fakers are ridiculous. I'm sure if you saw it in real life the stitching would be awful and the color would be off. There's no way that a bunch of fake bags that were mass produced off some Chinese factory machine could compare with a hand cut, hand sewn real LV.
  15. What is the heatstamp? I know where the date code is on my bag, but what is the heatstamp?