When did straps become an option on the Kelly?

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  1. Sorry if this was discussed before - but does anyone know when the leather straps were an option with the Kelly?

    Obviously, the bags with two strap loops had straps. But I've also seen matching straps on bags with just one loop at the handle.

    My question is are the staps original to the Kellys with just one loop at the handle? Or did the owners order it later on?
  2. The double loop on the Kelly handle was added around the year 2000, I'm sure someone here has the exact date. I have a Kelly from 1998, that has a single loop and came with a strap, I also have one from 2002 that has a double loop, also came with a strap.
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. My oldest Kellys from the 1980's all have single loops and straps
  5. Yes, there are other threads on this. Closing it now that you've had a reply.
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