When did Patina become feared?

  1. Ok, I am really going to date myself here....but I remember when everyone wanted that very patina'ed look. People would 'season' their bags in sunny spots, and rotate them, to make sure they darkened evenly. Some people would even rub mink oil on :wtf: to try and speed the process!

    As I was looking at my bags yesterday, I noticed my MC keepall and my Manhatten GM had darkened quite a bit for the time I have had them. I use the carryall alot for outdoor stuff with the family, so it has seen alot of sun and is very honeyed! And the Manhattan was brand new when I took it to the Philippines for a business trip (9 weeks!) and between the heat and humidy (I think) it was darkening already when I got home.

    But it's ok with me...I actually like it...:shrugs: . I am weird, or does anyone else like the patina?
  2. i do like the patina! I think it looks classic lv style. I just dont like when my speedy handles get too dark, then it looks almost dirty
  3. *raises hand* :yes:
    Me! I like patina, it belongs to the bag and I don't see any sense behind putting sth. on them to slow the process.
  4. I love all stages of patina. When I noticed my speedy handles getting more of a honey color it made me want to take her out even more!
  5. I LOVE patina!!!:yes: Can't wait for my new bags to develop some!:wlae:
  6. I love Patina! When I see the light white naked vachetta I feel like I am going to vomit.
  7. And me to the list that loves patina!:heart:

  8. I looove the patina. I was so excited when my mc speedies developed one. I can't wait for my mono 25 to develop one, too. It just looks nice and rich with a lovely dark (not dirty!) patina.
  9. I love my bags patina'd too!
    When I buy a new bag I (shock!) use bag exclusively for a while to work up the patina. I do not like the pale look and have never done anything to hinder the process of patina. I do, however treat my bags with AG for water stains and dirt. There's a difference between patina'd vachetta and a dirtied vachetta ;)
  10. I like, actually, I LOVE the light-deep honey patina.
    But not that super dark shade since IMO it makes the bag look too "used"
  11. i'm probably the only one here who hates the patina :lol:. i love the brand new vachetta; it makes the bag look so clean somehow :love:
  12. I love patina - I tan my bags when they come new from LV b/c I can't stand the whitish leather.
  13. I love a honey patina. I've been using my Ribera every day since I got her so that she'll develop a patina.
  14. I prefer some patina too!:yes:
  15. You're not the only one. Well, I wouldn't say I HATE patina but I prefer lighter or no patina at all for the same reason. I just think it looks clean or something. Especially the MC line.....with no to light patina I think it's gorgeous!