When did LV prices go up???

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  1. OK so back in Feb I was in Vegas and wanted to get the Coussin but it was $760 and hubby said no way. So then in August we went back for my bday and he ended up buying it for me and it was $800. I also got the Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois or French Purse and that was $575. SO I just looked on eluxury cuz I'm trying to find something to fit some credit cards in since my wallet only holds 4 and now the price of the Coussin is $830 and the wallet is $615!!

    WTF, when did the price go up so much??
  2. This year:

    Feb, June and Nov..:cursing:
  3. I know there was a price increase earlier this month.
  4. Ehhh... there's not much we can do. :sad:
  5. The better question might be, when didn't they go up...lol
  6. the price goes up all the time!!

    i don't even bother with it now haha :smile: