When did it really hit you that you were getting old?

  1. For me it was today. When I heard that my old TV crush Dylan from 90210 turned 41 years old.

    Who's next, Zach from SBTB!!??
  2. To make you feel better, keep in mind he was much older than his character on the show! (they all were)
  3. About a month ago when I was driving and in the car with me was my daughter........... I was singing along to a song and she says to me " Is that what you call an oldie but goodie?" :jammin::jammin::jammin: ( and it was my high school graduating class song of 1992 'It's so hard to say goodbye' from Boys 2 men)
  4. when my cousin asked me, when I'd be getting married :sweatdrop:because he have this idea that when your working already, you can get married. whew! I'm just 22 and I want to explore other things:search:
  5. When I turned 18 :s:push: last year
  6. When I mentioned to my son that I may go for a walk and the smart@ss said, " careful, don't break a hip".:wtf:
  7. He's 41?! :wtf:

    Haha. It'd be when I turned 25 in July, and my lil sister (2 years younger) snickers and tell me I'm now in my late twenties. :sweatdrop:
  8. When the "oldies" station started playing all the 80's songs from when I was a kid...
  9. It really hit me when I started noticing that professional atheletes look so "young" :s
  10. When I went to an 80s costume party and met some people who were born in the 80s!
  11. Once, a long time ago, I had this gorgeous neighbor. I always smiled at him in the elevator, wile getting the mail etc.... One day I say him wearing a tuxedo and I remarked that he looked great. He responded that he had made a special effort to look good...

    ...for prom.

  12. :roflmfao: thats cute lololol
  13. Last week I was at a coworker's house, since her younger brother had a party. Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus came on the radio and the younger brother + his friends called them OLD SCHOOL!
  14. i turn 26 in exactly 2 weeks... i joke about being old... but honestly, i don't really feel it just yet.
  15. I haven't come to that realization yet. Having a BF 15 years older helps. Keeps me all youthful-feeling.