When did it become acceptable for buyers to negotiate?

  1. Seriously.

    Every auction I've ever had, someone tries to negotiate with me or offer some sob story about how they need the item but can't afford it.

    When did this become acceptable behavior? I've bought on eBay for 7 years and NEVER have I pestered someone (or even, in one case, threatened) to lower a price.

    I find it rude and offensive, honestly. You don't do that in a store!
  2. It happens almost all the time for me as well. Sometimes I don't mind if I want to sell the item quickly. Otherwise, I just tell them that I want to finish out the auction.
  3. I don't think that IS acceptable behavior! That is so rude! I wouldn't even want to sell to someone that treats sellers with so much disrespect! I would probably just block the bidder, and maybe not even waste my time replying to them.:tdown: There are some real GOOBERS out there!
  4. I never had a problem with it until eBay implemented the "Best Offer". Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the best offer, but only when I offer it in my auctions.
  5. they are just terriable...i would never ask any seller that
  6. I hope the 'sob' story isn't about a purse!

    I don't think someone asking is offensive - so long as they're polite about it and take no for an answer.
  7. I have a feeling that sometimes it works for them. If it works once, they will continue to try. People on eBay are trying to get the most they can for the least amount of money. Unfortunately, eBay is inhabited by thousands of bottom-feeders.
  8. well, I guess it never hurts to ask what the best price is that the seller will accept for something.....I have done it (respectfully) and have had it done to me......its no biggie.....I have snagged deals and given deals...and I gained repeat customers!!!!!
  9. WOW, that is rude! I have had no experience with any sob stories but I would just block the bidder and move on.
  10. I wouldn't give a sob story....thats just stupid......just come out and ask what the best they can do....guess its like the garage sale.....
  11. I hate the sob stories as well. I don't need to know WHY the person doesn't want to/can't pay my asking price (and frankly don't see why it's relevant that their cat has worms/they have gout/their sister just had a car accident/whatever)--I just want to know the bottom line so that I can decide whether to go for it.
    I don't mind some "hondling" because after all I'm a Jew from New York, LOL, but sometimes it's just irritating when they send ridiculous offers. I had someone offer me $200 on an authentic Hermes Birkin not long ago. What the...come on, people--that's just insulting!!
    But in answer to your original question, I feel like the whole bargaining thing has been around since long before "Best Offer", it's just that people have gotten way more aggressive about it now and it's far more common.
  12. I guess if they can't afford it they shouldn't bid on it and should find something in their price range. There are always going to be things you can't afford but giving a sob story like "I really need this handbag or I will die, but I only have $50 and cannot afford the $150 it is worth, have sympathy on me and do yourself out of money" is rude. If it is a £150 bag on for say $300 then I guess if they asked politley if it is a set in stone price then there is no harm done, it is a lot more honest and mature then sob stories and just an inquiry you can either say yes or no to.
  13. LOL
  14. I have never met anyone that melodramatic, but somewhere in the world there has to be a handbag crazed lady out for some cheap bags off unsuspecting ebay sellers. Hopefully I will never meet them, I don't like drama, or sob stories involving death and/or gout!
  15. Oh dude, I have had them come up with some real doozies!!