When did Indigo Vernis come out?

  1. Just wondering? I ordered an Indigo Vernis Cles from an LV boutique in Chicago and it arrived today. The date code on it says it was made in Nov '04, which seems really old to me? :shrugs: While I LOVE the color, I'm not loving it as much as I had hoped, it holds less than my smaller coach skinny minis. Will it stretch out with time?
  2. I believe Indigo was released in stores in Spring 2005. I remember buying an Indigo french purse in Toronto in April 2005, and it was still very new at that time. The Indigo, Perle and Noisette items were produced in the fall of 2004 so LV would have enough stock in the stores for the launch.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Lucky you got one, the indigo is discontinued.
  5. I thought I remembered being told about it in 2004 so that's about when production began probably.....the vernis cles (and MC, Epi and Suhali) are tighter than other lines....they kinda stretch a tiny bit but not really....great color though!
  6. it is such a nice colour, too bad it will be discontinued.
  7. this might be a silly question but did the indigo vernis come out in the reade style (any size...)...im just wondering because ive never seen one...does anyone have one! pics?!
  8. YES, the reade pm
  9. ^^

    [​IMG] here's one
  10. Here's one from elux


    and another syle

  11. omg!!! it is sooo pretty. is the one in that first pic yours?? whoever it belong to im very very jealous....i want one sooooo bad now....:heart: :heart:
  12. wait is it discontinued yet? or could i get it at the LV store...
  13. You should be able to still get it in stores ! :yes: 1 866 VUITTON is your friend ! :graucho:
  14. Not my bag :crybaby:
    I want one though:yes:
  15. I don't have an answer for your first question but vernis DOES stretch out with time. it fits about 5 cards plus some folded up bills with no problem at all! :smile: