When did Hermes start using the zipper with the little H??

  1. Shopping again......:shame:

    Just wondering when Hermes started using the zippers with the little 'H' on the end?
  2. 2001-2002
  3. Wow...I thought it was earlier than that...interesting. I have to check my bag now
  4. Interestingly enough, it's a feature not found in Kellys.
  5. Great Info
  6. I had previously gone looking for the H at the end of my 1998 Kelly, and realized I couldn't even see the end of the zipper easily without stretching the side so far from the back that I wondered if I was going to damage it.
  7. HG...you are good!
  8. Oh - I was actually asking because I'm on the hunt for a Bearn.........Now I've gone and looked at the zipper in my Kelly, and I'm the same - I could hardly manage to get a look at the end, it was tucked away behind the "fold".......didn't want to damage my bag, either!!!!
  9. My rigid Kelly, Paris-Bombay and Bolide all have it.

    If I open my rigid Kelly wide enough (also the "folds"), then I can see the end of the zipper with an H.
  10. My newer Kellys also have the little H.
  11. LaVan, Oti, let me rephrase, not all of them do. Mine doesn't and I just got her a few weeks ago.
  12. well we need to settle this question of the H in the kelly bag. i have the H on my shoulder bag and on my cosmetics bag - love it.
    wouldn't stop be from getting a kelly ;) - though i do love having the H as it's one of my initials.
  13. I have a 2003 Birkin and it doesn't have that little H, either. Neither do a few other bags--just can't remember which ones.

    OK, now I rmember. My sis has a Bolide 37 and it doesn't have the little H, either. I just can't remember the blindstamp.

    OK, now I remembe rthe blindstamp. It's H.
  14. That's interesting that not all new Kellys have the H zipper. My Kelly is J and I got her in March this year.

    One would think that all zippers will be the same ... oh, well, Hermès always keeps on surprising us!
  15. Oh, yeah, I forgot I had a Birkin lol! I checked the zipper and there is also an H at the end of the zipper.