When did Hermes come out with Swift?

  1. I was just wondering when Hermes came out with swift leather and what you all thought of it? I haven't seen one yet in person, but from what I can tell, I'm in love! What's everyone's favorite leathers? I love my togo Birkins and my Chevre Kelly and am thinking about getting a Box Calf as soon as one comes in. My dream is to own an ostrich... I love the durability of it. Just wanted to know your thoughts!
  2. I remember Swift coming out in droves last year.
  3. I've have togo and box and love them both.
  4. Swift is the replacement for Gulliver, I believe.
    I love many H leathers but my favorite is Barenia.
  5. barenia is your favorite, period, and it doesn't depend on the bag at all?
  6. HH...always the asker of the profound and thought-provoking question!! :smile:
    If I had to pick a leather without any other variables, then yes, barenia. The feel of it, its suppleness, its smell...the patina it gets...how it changes...all taken together these qualities make it my favorite.
    The bag does matter however...the structure, and whether it is a casual or more formal style...
  7. I am assuming Swift is the improved version of Gulliver.

    I love ostrich too, katieann123. It's very durable and light. However, the handles will darken with time especially the light coloured ones.
  8. I think it was summer 06. I remember my SA working really hard to convince me about it.
  9. Yes, Swift is the improved version of Gulliver, and it came out last year; I got my Swift Birkin last September, and I remember that my SA said that it was the first Birkin they had received in Swift....
  10. When I got my first Kelly in Swift ard June last year, my SA said it was a 'new leather'.
  11. Yes. Swift is Gulliver's replacement and I remember it coming out early or mid 2006. LOVE, LOVE the feel of swift. Have 3 birkins in Swift - heh! :yahoo:

    Have a couple of kellys in gulliver and swift.

    Another favorite leather - Chevre (as some of the tpfers may have known from my previous posts). Have a lot more H bags in this leather... :graucho::graucho::graucho:

    Since I am an equal-opportunity H-collector, I do have other leathers (box, togo, clemance and exotics) in my collection but I tend to be partial to swift and chevre. The feel and the look of both leathers are almost extreme in relation to each other...
  12. i love how saturated swift gets with colors.

    box i think is my favorite leather...though!
  13. i love swift, and would love to own a swift birkin one day!