When did Ferragamo quit designing fashion (clothes)?

  1. Hello!

    I could not find any information online.
    The reason why I am asking: I found a nice 2nd hand Ferragamo dress and would like to know more about the history of Ferragamo clothes. When did it stop?
    How important was this chapter in the Ferragamo history?

  2. They haven't stopped designing clothes.
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  3. They still have ready to wear! Some pieces are in the sale as well. :smile:
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  4. Thank you @Ryan and @bakeacookie !

    Do you happen to know where one can buy ready to wear by Ferragamo? The website only lists shoes and accessoires
  5. I see them in the boutique and online . I don't think it's in Nordstrom or Saks, but I never checked.


    Hope that works. I'm on my phone.
  6. Thanks @bakeacookie !
    Ferragamo does not offer Ready to Wear in Europe, that' why I "missed" it.
    Yes, I can open the link, I like what I see. :smile:
  7. In store only then for you? London has RTW.
  8. We have a store in Vienna, all I saw were shoes, purses and scarves. Maybe I did miss the RTW section, rushing straight to the shoe-section?
  9. Hahah yeah. It's not as prominent to me. It was like one corner of the store. One of every item on display, but not as grand and spacious as the shoe and handbag display.
  10. Here's the RTW women's section at Costa Mesa

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  11. The Ferragamo boutique in Beverly Hills has a large clothing section. Maybe call them?