When did eLuxury pull Mini Mono off it's site?

  1. anyone know?
  2. I just put mini sac in the search and it came up not sure why it isn't in with the others. Just an FYI :smile:
  3. [​IMG] Louis Vuitton
    Mini Sac HL
  4. Did she actually mean the mini monogram line, not the mini sac?
  5. I think she meant mini monogram as Nola said. Not to sure but I think about 2 months ago????
  6. that line has been discontinued.
    So they would have taking it off when they started running out of items. ITs been off for a good 2 months anyway.
  7. Ya it's been a couple months.
  8. oh yeah, i meant the mini monogram fabric print that was discontinued. i didn't think they would have completely sold-out of their stock, but i guess they pulled it anyway.
    thanks to all those who answered :yes:
  9. You can always try their live help or the 866 number to see if anything is still floating around
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