when did dust bags change?

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  1. I was wondering when dustbags changed from the darker color ones that had just the LV to the new style that are lighter and say the whole name on it?
  2. My dust cover for my denim isnt as thick and dark as the one from my MC speedy and my denim was madei n 05. The one from my lockit is light yet and it was made in 06.
  3. They seem to constantly change. My Alma came in the thicker, darker bag, purchased in 03, all of my bags after that came with thinner, lighter bags. HTH
  4. Did some come in a drawstring style too? I saw some in photos that were authenticated by my poupette
  5. Yep, some do. I don't know which, it sometimes seems like dustbags and boxes are a bit random.
  6. I found this interesting in relation to recent purchases:
    A Speedy 30 comes with a flap dust bag, very soft.
    But a Lockit Horizontal comes with a drawstring bag made from a coarser material.
    Both bags were purchased from the same store at the same time.
    The SA selected the dustbags, so that might also have something to do with what seems to be an arbitrary thing.
  7. I think it got change in 04-05? I'm not sure when exactly though.
  8. It depends and you can still sometimes find them in the stores, especially the drawstring ones.
    From what I have seen, the first ones were a dark beige flannel with the LV logo and a drawstring. Then they changed over to the yellowish tan linen that say "Louis Vuitton" in around 2004/2005 and are much stiffer. Now they have the softer yellowish tan ones that say Louis Vuitton on them.
  9. I have several drawstring bags, both my epi speedys came in them as well as Pampellone, Nimbus & manosque. There are so many differences in the texture of the bags that it is actually easy to tell which handbags are in which dustbags w/o having to open them up.
  10. ^^ yup! i just got a brand new mc speedy and it came with a drawstring bag in the thicker softer material with "louis vuitton" on it. the other new bags i got this year were more the linen-y material with flap closure. but i find it can be anything really now.
  11. Funny~ I just got my Ivorie speedy in and it has a new bag that I have never seen. It is softer lighter material with Louis Vuitton printed across. Now I have had 4 different dustbags;)
  12. I love the new dustbags, I think it looks much more elegant!
  13. The new dust bags were introduced in 2004