When did DAVID BECKHAM do this tattoo??

  1. [​IMG]

    he shaded in his left arm and put stars in there, (if you look at the pic, it's his right) the one w/victoria's name in hindu and then the hewbrew quote above it. It didn't use to be shaded in.............when did he do that??
  2. probably recently. although I thought he always had tats on his arms
  3. hahah I thought you were reffering to that shirt he was wearing..... :p

  4. don't know when, but ME LIKEY!
  5. that is definitly new & it looks Hot!
  6. agreed! :tup:
  7. he loooks goood:tup:
  8. I like the shading. It makes it more of a complete (half) sleeve.
  9. I'm not sure either but looks good!
  10. i just came accross this

  11. ^^^ That's not Dave, it's a guy that impersonates him

    Yeah he shading on Beckham's L)arm is very new... can't say I dig it
  12. I spotted this in the Daily Mirror today:

    By Clemmie Moodie 31/01/2008
    Here's one way of making sure Posh will never leave his side...

    David Beckham shows off a new six-inch tattoo of Victoria on his arm as he has a kick-around on a beach in Brazil.
    The image is a copy of his favourite photo of his wife - the Brigitte Bardot-inspired shot she did for Pop magazine four years ago.
    A source close to the couple said: "They are both thrilled with the result. It's been beautifully done. Victoria was flattered."
    The £2,500 image is Beckham's 11th tattoo. His personal tattooist Lou Malloy created it at his Oldham studio.
    Becks is in Brazil to launch his third soccer academy. Let's hope the teams don't get as many draws as him.
  13. Daily Mail:

    Now Victoria Beckham reveals HER new tattoo...on the inside of her wrist.

    After husband David unveiled his new tattooed ode to wife Victoria, not to be outdone, Posh unveiled a new design on her wrist at the launch of her denim line in Boston.

    Dressed from head to toe in black, and wearing her trademark black leather gloves, like David the day before, Posh revealed a new addition to her growing cluster of tattoos, a new script inked underneath her Roman numeral tattoo.

    Sleek-looking Victoria struck a series of poses at the meet and greet for fans, and took the opportunity to fully expose the new tattoo as she pointed at the logo for her DVB denim range.
    Posh arrived in Boston on Tuesday with the rest of the Spice Girls to continue their world tour, amid reports that their big reunion tour has run out of steam.

  14. Guess I'm in the minority, I don't think it looks hot at all. I don't like tats on anyone. I love watching Miami Ink, I think the artists are gifted and what they do are works of art, but I just don't like the whole concept of permanent body art.
  15. Could he get any hotter? *sigh*