When Did Coach First Come Out with Signature Print?

  1. When did Coach first come out with the Signature Print? I suppose this is considered a classic -- too bad there's so many bad fakes out there!
  2. If I remember correctly, it was around 99/00. I was working the Coach counter at a dept store then, and when I opened the first shipment, my reaction was, "OMG this is awful, it will never sell well."
  3. hey, i like signature!!
  4. I think it was around 2000. I got my first signature bag right after my husband and I moved into our house which was in July of 2001.
  5. Was there a Coach "signature" fabric or signature style prior to 2000? I didn't get into Coach until about 2 yrs ago.
  6. the mini signature started in 2002.
  7. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!! :yes::tup:
  8. i believe it came out around 2000 when coach went public and the management and direction of the company was changed.
  9. I think it was around 2000 as well. I bought my first black sig satchel then--still have it too!
  10. I love signature. It's what makes Coach iconic!
  11. It was in 2000; for the spring, I believe. I was working in a dept store as well & bought my first Coach in 1999 & all I had to choose from was the original leather with NO lining! I remember not really digging the "C"s at first! Obviously they grew on me quickly!

    I don't think i would call them a "classic", though. I think the "classics" are still your Legacy Zip, Janice's Legacy, The Willis, The Station; the original with no lining. Maybe in 10 years or so?
  12. Wow very interesting I did not know any of this. I graduated high school in 2001. I would always wonder if it was just not as popular then as it is now. I bet many high school students carry designer bags to school now.
  13. I think it was 2003.
  14. Wow, I didn't realize it was that recent. I remember as a youngster the beautiful leather coach bags that my mom had. The leather was always so smooth and perfect.

  15. One of the things I loved about the "classic" Coach bags was the fact that they had no lining. That was because I had had so many bad experiences with inferior quality bags having the lining tear and things fall through between the bag and the lining! I can now say that I have never had a Coach lining tear (or that of other high quality bags) so I am no longer "LININGPHOBIC" hee hee! :p

    Since the C's were introduced in 2000 I have only had two signature bags. One was a black signature Hamptons Carryall and the other was the large cotton denim Carly from last Spring. I love both those bags but I tend to be drawn to leather bags more often.