When can you wear velvet?

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  1. What are the new rules on wearing velvet shoes? Used to be that they were for dress up only. can you wear them all year long now? Just saw a really cute pair on sale and was wondering what time of year I could wear them and with what.
  2. With a style like that, I think you can wear them casually with jeans.... Especially since it has the open toe and wedge heel.
  3. i think velvet is stictly a cold-weather-only fabric, but it can go casual or dressy.
  4. to be quite honest, i dont think i'd wear anything velvet... :-\
  5. I've always thought that velvet was more holiday/winter-oriented. I think those shoes would look really cute with some opaque tights.
  6. It's more of a winter fabric for me but I can see it on a cool summer night, just not in the morning.
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