When Can You Bring Children To A Dinner Party ?

  1. When can you bring children along to a dinner party ?

    Would it be incumbent of one to ask if children can come along ?

    Should the host have children ?

    What about the age's of the children, wouldn't that be a factor ?

    What are you opinions ?
  2. It's up to the host/hostess to make that call. Anyone that would take a child to an adult dinner without the express consent of the host/hostess would be at the VERY least, presumptuous! :wtf:
  3. I'd bring kids if other kids were going to be there, or if the host/ess was close to your children and wanted to see them...and invited them!

    I'd treat it the same as any other guest -- just as we wouldn't bring along a sister or friend w/o checking w/ the host, do the same w/ kids:smile:
  4. I would say only if they are expressly invited. I wouldn't ask otherwise even if the host had children. This is actually one of my pet peeves. It's definately up to the host.
  5. This is actually a great question, thanks!
  6. I have never attended a dinner party where children were welcome. Hostesses I have dealt with have been quite specific about this.

  7. I agree. This is something that needs to be brought up before you arrive. :yes:
  8. i used to be invited even as a baby, i just went to sleep in another room when it was time. but it was a bit of a special situation, my parents had me waaaay before their friends had kids and i was extremely well behaved, i only ever wanted to sleep anyway. if i invited my friends who have kids (admittedly there aren't many) i'd be happy for them to bring them along, otherwise i may not be able to see them at all. it actually bothers me more if my friends assume their partner is invited than someone bringing their kids does.

    the kids should definitely eat the same food though (unless they're babies of course!), or then the parents should bring them a meal and inform the host/ess so they don't make too much food.
  9. Only if they're invited.
  10. Only if they are invited. And don't ask if you can bring children.
  11. Yes, and you should also ask even when someone has made plans to eat at a restaurant with a group of friends. lol *never happened*

    I enjoy children, but sometimes when its adult time, you'd like to talk about whatever you want and without interruptions from a child every few seconds. They end up being the focus alot of the time, and that can get old.
  12. was the invite by formal invitation? If so, unless it said something like Mrs. doe & family they are not invited. I would call the host/hostess to confirm.
  13. Oh yeah -- I left that part out of my earlier post! Only ask if you genuinely think they would be welcome -- like if other kids are going.

    But never put the hostess on the spot by "inviting" your own kids to a formal adult party.

    As far as what age seems appropriate for kids to go if they ARE invited -- I think that's totally individual. Some six year olds are docile and perfectly mannered, meanwhile, some eleven year olds are out of control.
  14. If someone invites me to a dinner party, they are inviting me and me only unless they indicate other wise. Even if I thought it they wouldn't mind if I asked, I'd still never ask to bring kids because they were gracious enough to invite me in the first place and I wouldn't want to put them in an awkward position of having to say yes (if they really didn't want kids around) or say no and think ugh why did she have to ask me that?
  15. If the host says, "Bring your kids" then ok.
    Otherwise, definitely no!