When can I get a PERFECT Edith bag?

  1. Well, I've been chasing a perfect Edith bag for all the past 2 months, I first got a nutmeg supersized Edith Bowler from NM sale but it's too big, then a nutmeg Edith Satchel from NM but it's obviously heavily used, and then finally a Whiskey Edith Satchel from overstock.com:yahoo:, but I found new problems with this bag:wtf:. I'm not a picky person but it's too obvious to not be found.
    The two handles are made with different leather, also does the two sides of the bag. Excuse me for my English I can't describe it well but you can see it from the pics below.
    Just want to know does your bag has similar leather? Is it a acceptable condition? I would be really sad if I lose this bag again though:crybaby:.
    IMG_1076.JPG IMG_1088.JPG IMG_1077.JPG IMG_1078.JPG IMG_1087.JPG
  2. Anybody, please.....give a thought of this bag. Should I return it?
    Thank you so much!
  3. I got my edith in chocolate from NM. It came in perfect condition. The leather of the handles are the same so are both sides of the bag. I don't know why your bag is like that but It's a little bit pricey to have not a perfect bag. So sorry for you.
  4. I hope that makes sense and help.
  5. I'm not seeing any huge things wrong with it - the leather is just not uniform. If it bothers you though - you should seek to exchange or return it.
  6. hmmm... i've heard of the sale items in NM not being new, but for the Edith to be flawed from manufacturer - this is something new to me. I do see your point, the handles are not from the same leather! but to be honest, it is not that obvious. About the sides of the bag - could it be that one side has more crease due to storage, and it's not a flaw after all? Not sure though - i'm still waiting for mine to arrive from NAP. international shipping is taking toooo long!

    i still feel that your Edith is ok, overall. may i ask how much you got it? If you got it for below $800, i think you still got a good deal.

    hope that helps ;)
  7. Thank you allaboutpurses, I never saw a Edith bag like this before, maybe that's why it goes to overstock.com:sweatdrop:, it looks fine from front, only I know the imperfections.
    Thanks for your thought anyway.

  8. Thanks bellacherie! Maybe I'm the only person who knows the flaws, but it took me too much time and effort, I really need a happily ever after with a perfect edith.:sad:

  9. So it's not ordinary to have those different handles, I also can't believe Chloe let such flawed bags went to market. I'm sure bags from NAP are perfect, they never disappoint me:tup:.
    The edith is on sale for $660, it's definitely a good deal, but I returned a edith from NM at $440(the heavily used one). I just found the international NAP have edith messenger available, but I'd have to pay a much higher price.:nogood:

  10. I think it is perfectly normal for different parts of a bag to be made from different pieces of leather (in fact, if a bag is too uniform, it can be a sign of a fake); but I do see what you mean about the leather on the handles being noticeably different.

    I don't think it would worry me, personally, as I am used to Chloe's quirks and am even discovering new ones (e.g. chloe-babe told me, recently, that Chloe told NAP that they had, intentionally, had the heatstamps applied at an angle, on some of their older bags, to add to the homemade feel).

    But you have to be happy with your bag, so if it bothers you, perhaps you should send it back?
  11. You already paid a lot for your bag anyways so pay a little more and get the one from NAP and you'll also get it with the shoulder strap (it is useful).
  12. chloehandbags you really reliefed me:angel:! I'm afraid people would think it's a fake b/c of the handles, to think of it as a homemade bag makes me happy again. Actually the leather is thick and soft and smooshy, I start to love it more and more now!:heart:

  13. Mona you are one of the evil guys:devil: that tempt me with your edith! Hehe, kidding,Yours makes the perfect bag for me:drool:
    Without these crazy sales, I would definitely buy one from NAP, but now I'm absolutely spoiled and would rather to wait for a good deal(yeah I know I'm greedy:yes:)

  14. Hi kiki, I had a couple of Ediths in the whiskey - each side of the one I kept is different because it was the softer of the two. It seems like maybe they used one side of the leather for the pebbled look and the other side for the smooth look. I like it better than the one I sent back as it was all smooth and even and equal all around. Some differences are cool, but you are the one who has to live with it.:smile:
  15. I just paid quite a bit more for my black one becuase I knew I wouldn't be able to find her for any less....

    Why don't you try eBay...I've seensome there!