When can eBay let you sell more of a particular brand?

  1. Recently, I've been cleaning up my closet and auctioning my Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories on eBay. But they did not allow me to list more than five of them within 7-day period :shrugs:. I was wondering when will I be allowed to list more than five. Does it have anything to do with number of feedbacks and score? I have close to 50 feedbacks and it's 100%.
  2. Thats really odd. Well I have 159 feedback and I listed a total of 5 Coach bags as of today...guess I should be careful :p
  3. there is no rhyme or reason almost all sellers have faced this restriction in the last year and they usually do not lift it. All sorts of brands from Gap Gymboree to Chanel . I guess you never know until you try to list a lot at once if you have it. Most people just keep trying to list everyday until it goes through.
  4. I believe that once you get over 50 fb then the block is lifted
  5. I don't think that's true for high-end items like LV and Chanel.
  6. Nope.

    I had over 300 feedback when I got it from trying to sell some of my old Coach purses. And at that time, I had 100% positive feedback.

    I've found it's better if you space auctions at least 24 hours apart, and list non-designer items at the same time. That way all of your auctions aren't flagged. It shows a pattern as a seller, I guess.

    Now watch me get the restriction the next time I try to do anything.

    And if you have the restriction, you can't revise your item. DON'T revise items in general unless you really have to- apparently eBay counts each one as a "new" auction in their count for this restriction.
  7. Well if you want the finite correct answer best to e-mail eBay, they are the only ones who can give a definite answer. Can't say I've ever had any selling restrictions
  8. OMG..i did not kwo these things...:sweatdrop: thxs:tup:
  9. yea I had close to 400 and sold these things before just now its different.

  10. Wow.. thank you so much for the info. I have no idea that eBay does that.

    Yes, when I tried to list the sixth LV item, there's a message saying that Louis Vuitton is a brand that is favored by counterfeiters and they have to limit the number of items I can list within a 7-day period.

    But a merchant like Fashionphile has a lot of LV bags (definitely more than five) on auction everyday. I guess you have to be a powerseller and an established reputation before you are allowed to list more than 5 bags :shrugs:. I feel like it's kind of unfair to small merchant like me who's actually auctioning her own personal collection, but I can understand that eBay is trying to fight the counterfeiters.
  11. Can you try listing an item as brand "other", that might work, just make sure the title and desc bear the keywords.