When buying your first piece of Balenciaga...

  1. what things are the norm. to be included in the transaction? (i.e. giftboxes, dustbags, tags, cards, care booklets etc etc).....because I'm hopefully going to be treating myself to a lovely new coin purse, and would be very upset if I didn't receive everything I was supposed to as standard.

    ...also, if anyone has any pictures of what things should be included with a store bought coin purse (or any small accessory) I would be very grateful :yes:
  2. All bags (and accessories) should have a dustbag, care booklet, controllato card, season tag and extra tassles (i'm not sure if accessories come with extra tassles but all bags definitely do). You won't always get the white balenciaga box though. If you purchase from BalNY or AlohaRag, you will definitely get a box.

    Good luck with your purchase!
  3. ^Accessories should always come with spare tassels as well.
  4. Eek... then the money wallet I got last week didn't come with spare tassles! :push:

  5. Thanks so much Murasaki and Cheshire Cat. You're responses are much appreciated. :biggrin:
  6. care booklets? I never got one of those! :confused1:

    coin purses do come with spare tassles
  7. Gift boxes are hit or miss unless you ask for it. So make sure you ask ;)
  8. my anthra didn't come with a dustbag or box! boo hooo
  9. I didn't get a care booklet either....
  10. Bal NY does not always ship with a gift box. Usually, but not always.