When buying that used LV, think....

  1. When searching for the authenic LV, keep this in mind.... Note how much the bag has been used! It's age is one thing. I just saw a listing (ebay) for a very brown looking 2004 bag! Do you want to part with 400 plus dollars for a really brown lookng bag. I think there is more to being an ethical seller--besides not selling a fake. Buyers might now want your bag to be really, really dark a year after paying all that money. Just think about that, even if prices at Louis Vuitton have gone up, these are still used bags. I was able to obtain an authentic LV Speedy (2003) that looked almost new. Price: 465.00 Not dark. Pretty light honey leather. So think about it.
  2. Thank you so much for the imformation.
  3. Hi
    I just checked in again...You know, this is a five year-old bag and you can tell they used it alot by the handles. The handles look a few shades darker. You know, I noticed something else. The date code is SD but it says Made in France. You should never see those two things together--except if Louis Vuitton refurbed or repaired it any way If its been refurbed, they might change the date code. Another possibility: the seller is using different pictures from different bags. You could ask the seller about the bag's history. Personally, I think this is a bit much for a bag like that. 300 dollars probably, but that's closer to 400.
  4. IMO, I guess it depends on how badly you want the bag and for what use. I am in the market for a pretty beat up Mont. GM. As long as the price is right, I don't care how much the bag has been used. That's pretty much my thinking for all used bags that I am considering.
  5. Thank you both for looking at that bag. I didn't bid on it. I thought for that price the handles look a bit dirty to me. I am looking for my first LV and don't want to buy a new one. I would like to use it for daily use so I don't care if I beat it up a little bit. Thanks for the help.
  6. I printed out a list of date codes from this forum and it was mentioned that occasionally a date code of SD will be made in France.

    edited to add: on that particular bag, I don't like the alignment of the canvas near the zipper. It's way off.
  7. I printed out a list of date codes from this forum and it was mentioned that occasionally a date code of SD will be made in France.

    Yep. That's true.
  8. me too. i actually look for beat to heck patina on ebay bags. not BLACK, but pretty dang dark. i like it that way...the price is better and there are fewer worries for me. if i was looking for a new bag i would definately spend the 200 dollars more for one from the boutique. that extra couple of weeks of saving is SO worth it to me for the piece of mind. i guess it just depends on what you want.
  9. Beat up bags have their place, I agree! As for the Vavin, it can be hard to pick up a "cheap" one. You know, I probably have bought and sold about 150 bags on ebay. Most of those were Coach, but some Dooney Bourke and authentic LV, so I just really hate to see someone pay 400 dollars for a used Speedy, if they don't know any better--especially when you think about the original price paid. 250 max for a not so beater Speedy. (usable, but not embarassing) Under 200 for the desperate cases. That's for a Speedy because there are so many.
  10. I am sorry, but almost forgot about the ebay listing. Just contacted the seller who raised the same questions. Of course, she was not the original owner and suspected that Louis Vuitton may have done repairs on the bag (undisclosed to her). She had consulted with Carol and her manager at her local LV boutique and is confident that is "1000 percent authentic.";)
  11. I goofed! I put my post in the wrong spot, sorry! did check with the seller who had raised the questions I did. She had Carol check it out as well as her local boutique. "1000 percent authentic"