When buying preloved..


Dec 14, 2007
How important is it to have the authentication card and dust bag and box? I feel like i would feel sad down the line about not having these things.

I bought my first Chanel new. I'm looking for a red maxi caviar but I've been told its difficult to find.

So there are are these two listings on Fashionphile... which would you pick?

1st option while a jumbo and lambskin, has the dust bag, card and box. Although worried about how it would look on me as I'm 5'10. I like the fact that its delicate and can be used for special occasions


2nd Option is Maxi Caviar and Silver hardware. It would be another workhorse and i don't have to be too careful but it comes with nothing. t has more wear and tear.


Which would you pick if price is not an issue.


Dec 25, 2009
You also will want to do some investigation about the differences in red that were made year to year if that's important. I think the card is important, the box is nice....but not having these allows you to buy at a discount.

If you want a maxi and are seriously considering this one, I would call FP and ask for closeup photo's of the marks etc that are mentioned -it's hard to see in the pics.
Jun 18, 2012
I agree with gail13. These are very different reds. I know from experience looking for my perfect red that there are many different shades - most of which I wasn't open to owning. The color, material, and hardware are FAR more important (both to you and potential buyers down the line) than the box, brochure, etc.

That being said, it is easier to resell your bag if it comes with the box, etc. and you can sell for a teeny premium. But it's not necessary for resale. I think the main this is to have an intact hologram sticker. I wouldn't buy a bag without it. Too hard to resell. Then the authentication card is pretty important. After that, I wouldn't worry about it unless you want the items.


Dec 14, 2007
Thanks ladies. the first one is more my speed. the red is brighter and pops more. Gold goes better with my accessories and my yellow undertones. If there was anything i would change about it, it would be the leather. lambskin scares me.


Crazy Handbag Lady
Sep 29, 2011
both are red but totally different vibes. lambskin one looks like it has more orange undertones which compliments the gold hw very nicely IMO, but it's not a true red. caviar one appears more like a true red to me (no coral, orange undertones, but a true red with blue undertones, if that makes sense) with the silver HW complimenting it perfectly. this is coming from someone who has all lambskin chanels and only one caviar - i'd pick caviar if you're going with a maxi size bc there's just too much surface area to have to worry about! lol having said that though, lambskin is much more resilient than people give it credit for. :P good luck in your decision!

i also agree with others - serial sticker + auth card is a must for me. i can get by without original dustbag and box, but won't compromise on the other two, even if price is much lower without it!


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Aug 2, 2006
A few years ago, I bought a second reissue, this time it's used, and with different HW than my new one… and it came with only the sticker. No box, no dust bag and no card. I didn't care. I adore that bag. Perhaps I saved a bit when buying it, don't know, but I never, ever think about the fact there is no card.


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Jun 21, 2007
This is my preference in terms of importance

1. Condition of hardware/purse
2. Authenticity sticker inside
3. Authenticity card
4. Dustbag
5. Box
This is the order I followed buying my first Chanel, a Vintage Maxi Flap. It came with the sticker intact and the authenticity card. I didn't care to have the box but I did want a dust bag, so I purchased one off eBay.