When Buying Pre-Loved Isn't A Deal

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  1. #1 Jun 22, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2016
    A friend sent me a link not knowing I've been turned off Fashionphile for a while given how poorly they treated another TPF'er. But it made me think about how much people don't know when buying online.

    For instance, this bag is available on FP for $1,950: https://www.fashionphile.com/louis-vuitton-damier-ebene-caissa-hobo-cerise-cherry-127612 (Sorry, I don't know how to do links ... if we can?). It has surface wear and scratches. You could buy this ... or purchase a brand new, never used bag in perfect condition directly from Louis Vuitton for $10 more. I am truly stumped why ANYONE would list this bag for $10 less than original sale price. But what saddens me is some poor soul will buy it.

    FYI - I didn't start this thread to bash Fashionphile b/c I've seen this stuff on every site - especially a company here in Atlanta called BellaBag and also at one of our department stores here (Von Maur) they sell used LV and it's often more expensive than a brand new one!
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  2. hello, I often do my research first before buying second hand or not. And I only buy second hand bags from NPNbags. while her prices aren't the cheapest and some items are brand new unused...but her service is exceptional. Her bags are well described, accurately described. and for peace of mind, I will go to her shop. I understand what you mean about the case you mentioned above....
  3. You bring up a good point. I wonder that same thing myself. I also see a lot of TPFer searching on Ebay for bags not knowing any better. They could go buy a new " I know it's authentic" bag for a few bucks more. Have you also noticed that some sellers will try to say a bag is sold out when it's not?
  4. Well to answer your question there are all kinds of buyers out there. Some are savvy to online buying and some are brand new and don't have a clue. Some have been buying for years and years and know all the in's and out's of purchasing pre-loved.
    I chalk it up to a new buyer who maybe doesn't know any better.

    We all start out at the beginning and some don't know how to research yet and therefore make a quick purchase that may not be the best.
  5. It drives me crazy to see sellers selling used bags for above retail! I'm not talking about discontinued or limited edition either. I feel bad for new buyers.
  6. I hear what you're saying but new buyers have exactly the same ability to do research before purchasing as anyone else does. We're all newbies at some point. And I'm sure that most of us have been taken advantage of at some point as well....that is before we knew better!

    When we know better we do better.
  7. True. Someone will always be naive enough to buy it. I think that's the target market for these sites that sell at or even above retail.
  8. It's business ... If someone is willing to pay: more power to the seller!
  9. Someone may also be buying it to save on tax. Some states have pretty high retail tax (like Cali is 9.5%) so that'll be another almost $200 saving (+ the $10).
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  10. I do research the brand new price before i purchase a pre owned bags. If it's just a hundred dollars less than brand new price i wont buy it.
  11. I think what is worse in my eyes is a super worn, dirty, and even damaged bags selling for way more than it's worth. Some of the ones I've seen should've been thrown away!
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  12. I've seen many that I've thought the same thing about but it's important to remember that it's all subjective. What looks worn to one may be alright for another........!
  13. I think the biggest thing is that everyone has to do their research and consider the condition of the bag/SLG and the current market price of what that item is selling for. I do agree that I have seen some outrageous prices on pre-loved LV items. Many items sold by fellow youtubers/instagramers are sold for reasonable and really good prices. I myself, have gotten some great deals on excellent condition items from a couple of people I follow on both instagram and youtube. Still, I have seen others selling their personal items for high over-retail prices that didn't match up to the value of the item on the market. Some of these items are not even discontinued pieces so where they are getting these prices from is unknown to me. Whose to say if the person selling the bag for over retail even paid for that item at the actual boutiques. They could have purchased it for a great deal through either consignment or eBay and sold it for higher than what they paid for once they realized the item didn't work into their lifestyle. The crazy part is that I have watched people pay for these items. Either they may not know, do not care or have the disposable income to spend it on. In the end, I think all we can do is to continue to research and decide if it will be wiser to either purchase that item pre-loved for a reasonable price or brand new at the boutique.
  14. Very true, I live in L.A. and our tax is 9% so if one is spending upwards $2000-4000 on a bag that makes quite a difference.
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  15. Excellent point....btw that is my quote I use all the time "When you don't know better, you can't do better :P:biggrin:
    Bottom line, people are going to sell and price items at whatever they want. No matter how outrageous it may be. They will justify it to the fullest and some will tell you they do not care and if you do not agree with it then buy it somewhere else. They know that they will find a sucker that is willing to pay. We just have to be prepared and do our due diligence to research before making that purchase.