When buying for children - a piece or an outfit?

  1. My husband is going overseas on Thursday and he asked me to pick up something for his best friend's two daughters. I ended up getting them a complete outfit - skirt, shirt, sweater and tights (all on sale). Later, I got to thinking, "you know, when MY best friend buys for my sons, she buys a full outfit - pants, shirt, socks, but when MIL buys for my son(s) it's always just a shirt or just a sweater" And then I thought, "well, when I buy for myself or my husband, I don't buy WHOLE outfits usually, so WHY do I feel compelled to do it for young children?"

    Am I weird in this? Or is it that kids close are much harder to mix and match? I know I get VERY annoyed when MIL just buys a shirt and then he has nothing to match it with and he's ALWAYS short on pants, but she never, ever buys them for him. So then I have to go out to where I "think" she bought the shirt and need to find a matching pair of pants. Since he dirties most things top and bottoms, I don't have "spares" of things, so those "extras" won't be used almost ever.

    But, maybe I'm the weird one? is it strange I bought a whole outfit? Or should I have just gotten the skirts or the sweaters?
  2. It really depends on how nice the single clothing item is. If it's a really nice, expensive sweater then I don't think it's necessary to buy the entire outfit. They might not even wear the outfit together.
  3. I see this got moved from the general forum... weird... are parents the only people who buy for kids? I wasn't talking about buying for MY kids, but kids in general.. oh, well, hopefully I'll still get some answers.
  4. I think people buy outfits for kids because a lot of kids don't have a closet full of basic staples to coordinate w/ the other loose pieces.
    Also, the tiny clothes are often less expensive than ours and more fun to buy!
  5. ITA w/ Swanky plus many kids' clothes are designed to be uber-coordinated (think Gymboree), so that the whole novel idea of receiving kids' clothes from America is that everything matches.
  6. Well I sent the whole outfit for each girl. They will look SOOOO cute! It's an outfit from Hanna Andersson (but on sale) and the coordinate with each other, but aren't the same outfit for each girl. Girl clothes shopping could be DANGEROUS! Though I love shopping for my boys too! But the variety IS far less most of the time.
  7. LOVE Hanna Andersson, great choice!:tup: