When buying Chanel...

  1. When you're purchasing a Chanel bag or accessories from the boutiques or department stores, do you pay the full retail price or do you get discounts? I would love to ask an employee if I can use their discount but that would be terrible of me! :shame: Is it true that if you open an account with a department store, you get certain discount off?
  2. I know that opening a Neimans card will not give you any discounts. I only used my card once and its stored away now. Not sure if it gives points or anything.
  3. Jill got good discounts -- I seem to remember some post or other about that.
  4. They won't offer you their employee discount, they'll get fired.
    NM has a gift usually when you open a card plus lots of perks when you reach certain level of 'points'.
  5. Is Jill a person or a store? I should do a board search for Jill right?
  6. Jill is a member here LOL

    Ummm I just pay retail, but they will let me know when there is discount
  7. I heard that when you open a Saks charge you get 10% off.
  8. Sorry! I meant Jill the person (a member here), as was pointed out by somebody else.

    There was another thread about sales, and credit cards and I believe Jill posted something about the discount she got when she bought her lux bag on that thread (it was all due to some department store rebate thing, I think).

  9. JIlls so popular. HI Jill !!
  10. You get 10 percent off at Saks. That's why I went with saks instead of Neimans. Besides, I don't like that Neimans doesn't take Visa which means I can't use my check card. So I have no choice but to get a Neimans card, AMEX, or go through all the run around of getting a mall gift card just to buy something. It's a conspiracy I tell ya!!!:rant:

    :shame: Sorry about the rant, I just get so ticked off that I can't buy purses at Neimans unless I plan ahead of time... but that's ok, saks and Nordstrom help me out just fine.:biggrin:
  11. Haha!! I know what you mean Erica! I had the same reaction after I missed out on a MC pochette at NM (this was awhile back, about two years or so) because they wouldn't take VISAs!!
  12. Yea, I'm more of a Nordy's girl...If I could buy everything there I would, but when they don't have it, saks is number 2.