When buying a 'USED' H bag at the H boutique, what do you do?

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  1. Hi,

    Today I stopped by H first thing in the morning to pick up an Evelyne that was on hold for me. I looked at it and compared the colors among the 3 that was currently available at the store. I finally made a decision, charged my card and drove to the city to visit my family. Before calling it a night I decided to take my Evelyne out to try it on in front of the mirror and showed my sister. When I was showing her my 'new' but 'used' H bag I found an old fortune from a fortune cookie inside the bag!! Is it possible H sold me a used bag? I'm pretty annoyed about it but I'm not sure if I should call H first thing tomorrow morning or just ignore it and keep the bag. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Will H give me store credit or would they refund me the $ because it's a 'faulty' sale?
  2. I'd be taken back for sure and would be calling the store manager for a replacement.
    Good luck, let us know the outcome.
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  3. I'll take it back for sure, with the piece of fortune paper, to show it to them. Then ask nicely for an exchange to be done. :smile:
  4. I would take her back to the store ask for an exchange.
  5. It's funny you posted this because I suspect this also happened to me. I bought an Evelyne and before purchasing noticed a sort of loose thread on the strap where it is sewn to the leather. Also I thought the strap looked slightly fuzzy. I asked the SA about this and she said it happens and is normal. Hmmmm... With new items? Maybe it was tried on many times? I don't know. But they didn't have another in the same color in the back. And I knew it was a hard to find color so I went ahead with the purchase. It bugged me a little bit at first, but I'm over it. That bag has been to India, Dubai, Paris, etc. and I bought it to be my workhorse travel bag so I decided I was going to use it to death anyways.

    So I think I'm actually of a diff opinion than everyone here. If the bag is in perfect condition aside from the fortune cookie paper you found in it and you really like the color, I would just keep it.
  6. I would take it back, together with that piece of paper and request a 'new' bag. They should be able to trace who returned the bag. It is extremely selfish that people think they can buy a H bag maybe to use a few times before they can exchange for a new one. Reminds me of year 12 formal when some of my classmates return their dresses after wearing them with tags on. That was in Australia and everything can be refunded maybe because of their trade practices laws. In my part of the world in most stores almost nothing can be refunded or exchanged to the extremes that you're stuck with faulty goods if you didn't check carefully before paying. I honestly think H should review their exchange policy as there are more and more people who use the exchange policy to their advantage and get to use each bag a few times then believe it's ethical to just return it and let the next customer buy a used bag . I once purchased a Kelly double tour in lizard only to get home and find that every piece of hardware was badly scratched. It looks much more used than my kdt that I've had for 5 years!!!
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  7. Oh no! I would definitely take back immediately and talk with the manager directly so there are no "misunderstandings" as is too often the case in retail.

    Btw, what did the fortune say:smile:??
  8. Other than the fortune from the fortune cookie, does the bag look used? Are there scratches on the hardware like the strap clips? My SA have suggested that I put my personal belongings from my bag inside an Evelyne and Lindy to get an idea of how things fit. I almost left my chapstick. Perhaps someone did the same, but left behind a fortune. On the other hand, I have returned a wallet from Nordstrom where someone left a business card, but the wallet looked and felt used. If the bag doesn't look used, I would keep it.
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  9. Return it
    Strange feeling
    Not right if you paid for something new
  10. you didn't mention if it looked new (other than the fortune cookie). if you had *not* found the fortune slip, would you have noticed it might be used? i think i read in this thread and have seen on youtube people who bought a bag and then changed their mind. i don't know if those people that changed their mind actually took it out for a day or not. also, in the store, with people trying it on...would you consider that used? kellys and birkins are usually not on display so are probably less chance of getting it used...but again, i have read and seen on youtube about people that returned their birkins and kellys.

    at the end of the day, if the item was in pristine condition, i wouldn't mind and would probably still use it....esp if the fortune was good :P but it really depends on you. would you enjoy the bag less? is it a color you love? if it would annoy you for as long as you look at the bag, then take it back.

    my part of the world is same. we cannot exchange even if the item is faulty so everytime i buy something, i check very carefully. but i think i wish there was a happy medium. because i have encountered where the item inside was faulty and its not my fault. you expect items to be inspected carefully...but alas, everyone is human and so they do miss things. but if the item is expensive, it's so painful when you get a faulty item and you're stuck with it.

    i think the fault is more on people who take advantage of the system and use things and then return them. clothing is especially bad because even if it looks new, there is still sweat and skin that flake off :shucks::sad: kind of gross to have bought used clothing unknowingly.
  11. I would return it, especially if it lessens the thrill of owning your new bag!
    I bought a gucci bag from Neiman Marcus and it arrived with heavily rubbed/worn corners, a heavy perfume smell and glitter inside! I was so sad but promptly returned it - and marked it used by previous purchaser on the receipt so hopefully they won't try to resell again!
  12. It depends what the fortune says :smile:
  13. Lol. Agreed. In all seriousness I would take it back and describe what happened. Ask for a new bag or if they don't have one that you want, ask for a discount. I don't mind if something is returned but that means it was carried. On the other hand, I am sure we have all purchased clothing that has been tried on at home, possibly worn, and returned. If something is pristine then who cares. The incident that I experienced soured me on Hermes forever. I bought a twilly from Hermes Madison years ago. The sales person pulled out the few they had I said I will take that one. She put it in the canister and rang it up and I paid. I got home later that day and took it out and saw that one edge was covered in make up. I took it back the next day and they gave me a hard time. You wore this....etc. I said I did not wear it. I bought it 24 hours ago and noticed this when I got home. Mind you this was many coats, shoes , scarves and bags over the years. Then I bought a bag that had quite a bit of the plastic off and even a small scratch on the closure plate. I only buy pre owned now.
  14. I was wondering, too. I hope it's good!! ;)
  15. It's my first Evelyne in Clemence leather so the bag seemed soft (but i'm pretty sure it's supposed to feel like that), and the hardware looks fine but the inside had white fuzz (that could be from trying to see what it'll all fit as I did the same in the store and almost forgot my LV pouchette!). But when the SA brought the box out the box was dented and crushed on one side, the tissue paper looked all wrinkly but I said to myself, I'll be wearing the bag, not the box and tissue paper. I didn't think I would come home to find a fortune in my "new" evelyne.

    These youtuber's used and returned Birkins and Kellys? OMG?!?!?!!! I was really annoyed last night when I found the fortune, that looked pretty old! Why would someone think about returning a used item and why didn't H inspect the bag before taking the item back? I think because of the price tag of H, they should really inspect it more carefully and I think that is why I was really annoyed that this could be a use bag.

    I bet it was fun trying to get the glitter out and if I bought this item online I would do the same when returning the bag :lol:

    "You use your creative talents to transform a business environment. so I can make more money for more H!

    Oh wow, sorry about ur experience at Madison. This is why I want to bring this up to them asap, I think the longer I hold off the more they won't believe me. Even though I mentioned to the SA I wouldn't be using this bag til next weekend, for my birthday. Now I might not even have a new bag for my birthday..

    I'll keep everyone posted. I'm sure everything will be ok, like it always is. (thinking positive thoughts):smile: