When Buyers Don't READ!

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  1. I'm kind of confused on what to do. In my listings I clearly state that buyers with less than 3 feedback are required to email me before bidding. I also require buyers to have a CONFIRMED address. Well of course tonight I am not paying attention to one of my auctions and at the last minute a 0fb bidder comes along and wins it. I contacted ebay and of course I have to wait a week to find the NPB dispute however the bidder then paid. HOWEVER their address is unconfirmed. Do I take the chance and mail it out with delivery confirmation? Or do I refund the bidder and as the ebay representative said "ask them to confirm their address and repay" :rolleyes: which I know they aren't going to like? I have 100% feedback so I don't want to hurt it. Do I take the chance? The item only sold for $12.00. Help :confused1:
  2. I would refund and tell them to repay when they confirm their address, it's their fault for not reading your auction. If they are in the US, UK or Canada, there is no reason why it shouldn't be confirmed. You as a seller aren't protected when sending to an unconfirmed address, even if you get delivery confirmation.
  3. I'm in a similar situation. And it is really making me ansy. I agree you should refund and tell them to repay when they confirm their addy. I make sure to bold this part of my auctions too.

  4. It was bold and underlined. That's what cracks me up!
  5. Doph! wtf? some people...
  6. UGH.
    Just like how I have a BOLD statement on my auctions about if the bidder has less than 10 positive feedback comments to PLEASE message me first before bidding. I've had people with zero feedback just bid out of nowhere. I mean that doesn't really show much sense on the buyer's part...I could have put some kind of impossible terms in that bottom part but they'd never know because they DIDN'T read it! :cursing:
    Would you really want to bid on something without reading the terms first? I know I sure wouldn't.
  7. Unfortunately many bidders don't bother to read a seller's requirements.
    However, if it's just a $12 item and your bidder paid I would send it, filing a npb, etc, is just such a headache.
    Besides if she has a 0 feedback then she may just give you a negative.
  8. Yeah, I'd probably just send it to her, too. IMO, it's just not enough to make a stand about, but that's a personal decision.
  9. I third that! I would send it. The person has access to your feedback by virtue of purchase and you don't want to risk being negged with so little at stake.
  10. I understand what you mean - it can be annoying. for me it would depend on the purchase price - since this is a low amount I woud send it but anything above a specific amount i would not send and just refund. in this case it isn't worht to get a neg rating, kwim?
  11. I'd send it too, it's only $12. It's annoying that they paid no heed to your terms but some people just stumble across listings and last minute bid. You might find the bidder ends up being a regular!!
  12. ^^Yes, I agree. I know people should read the listing etc but if you're new and excited at joining in the last minute bidding process, I can see how that might go over your head. And actually it can take a while to figure out feedback scores, confirmed vs verified addresses the link to Paypal etc. Frustrating though it is, I suspect I'd take the risk as this is a low price item. If it were more expensive, I'd slow the process down and see if the buyer would work with me to start again and get their address confirmed.
  13. for a 12 dollar item I would prob send it, sometimes I go to whitepages.com and look them up to see if that's their address. If it was over prob 50, I would reject the payment

    I can't stand people who don't read either! I have a stupid buyer who emails me 8 days after she receives the item and says it is smaller than she expected and she wants to return it. I told her the dimensions are clearly stated in the listing and I will not allow a return, hope she doens't come back b!tching about it. UGH, stuff like this is what makes me hate ebay sometimes.
  14. Send it ~

  15. I have the same situation for a week now a buyer with only 3 feedback bought an item paid from an unconfirmed address. I am trying to contact her for the past week & no reply which makes me very wary about going ahead with shipping. I also wish they would read before buying.
    I suppose for $12 I would go ahead & ship.