When boredom sets in...

  1. ...I play with my Louis'.
  2. I like to pretend I'm on a runway sometimes lol ( weirdo )
  3. I dont like the way my speedy 35 sags so I try to find things to stuff in it to "naturally" fill it out so I dont have to buy a purse shaper.
  4. I log into my LV account and rearrange my wish-list over and over and over and....
  5. I'm with Smooche... I've done that twice today.
  6. i surf the purse forum :tpfrox:
  7. I cant see your pics....

    my account on lv.com wont let me create a wishlist, it wont add to it. :sad:
  8. oopppss...here ya go!
    LV collection.jpg
  9. Lovely display :yes:
  10. You have a lot of great bags... I know that you're a guy... how is the Onatah GM that you have? Is that a comfortable piece?
  11. I take all my bags out of their dustbags and swoon over them... lol
  12. I surf on tPF or paint my toenails!
  13. I put your picture in the first post for you.. :graucho:
  14. I constantly refresh the main TPF Louis Vuitton page.

    Love your collection btw!
  15. When bored, I surf TPF, of course!