When Blondes go BAD!

  1. Highlight your hair blonde? Dye it one process? I need help!

    I have long hair (past my bra strap) that is highlighted blonde. I only highlight the roots every other month, and I love it. BUT...

    Now I wanna go all blonde! My stylist says I might cook it if I do (process over the hightlighted parts = fried)

    So what do I do? I am OVER highlighting it and I want it all blonde! Does anyone know about going all blonde after highlighting? :shrugs:
  2. I personally highlight mine, and it pretty much looks like a block colour i have that many put through.

    A friend of mine had loads of highlights, and decided to go for a block colour instead. She had a block colour for about a year and her hair was really damaged, she's had to have it cut really short and has eventually died it back to her natural colour. I wouldnt recommend it.

    Although if you're willing to pay a lot of money, a high end salon will be able to do a block colour without damaging your hair, it just depends if you're willing to pay lots of money!!
  3. I used to have regular highlights and then asked my colourist to make them much blonder and more of them. It meant all my hair was blonde but the regrowth was a nightmare, whereas before I could leave it a while if I was too busy to get to see my colourist when it was so blonde I could NEVER leave it. In the end I used a semi-permanent colour to tone it down and then eventually cut it off! I've not coloured my hair for over a year and only now am I considering having highlights again
  4. ^very true, I hate regrowths!!
    I'm 24 and have been blonde since I was 16... first I died it myself but the last four years I got highlights in a salon. I have gone through a lot, like from going lighter (more highlights) to all blonde and all I can say...the clichés are true! The peroxide is really bad for your hair and even more when you do it twice and have to take care of that regrowth! I had to colour my hair back to brown because I felt it was really damaged.
  5. Holy Jeez! :wtf:

    Maybe I can't go all blonde - yikes!
  6. I'm a hairstylist and *Yep*- the blonder you go the more fried your hair gets and the more your roots show. Just the way it is, of course depending on the original color you start with. Good products (ie:*fancy* salon) will help, but damage will still be done and the maintainance will be a costly expense. IMO
  7. I only went blond once and dyed it back to my original shade in a week! It didn't suit me at all. Anyway, I have a friend who's been a blond for years now and I'm sorry to say her hair is totally and completely fried. She keeps it short but it still looks dry and stiff. Be careful!! A posh salon will definitely use better products, but in the end it's still peroxide.